Donald Trump is capitalising on resentment, says former President Barack Obama

Foellinger on Friday

"It's as old as time".

"That's not how our democracy is supposed to work".

When that happens, he says, people become cynical and decide not to participate in the political process - creating a vacuum that lobbyists and special interests fill. "A politics of fear and resentment and retrenchment takes hold".

Obama's strong partisan rhetoric and critique of the Trump administration is at odds with the long-standing tradition that even he mentioned which has former presidents largely remaining silent about their successors.

Trump, asked about that speech during a trip to North Dakota, quipped that he had watched it but fallen asleep. "Suddenly deficits do not matter", Obama said.

Former President Barack Obama on Friday took direct aim at President Donald Trump for the first time since leaving office, in a speech at the University of IL in which he urged young people to participate in the 2018 midterm elections.

"This moment really is different".

"We thought it was important to find a setting where he can find a cogent, rational argument outside of the more chaotic campaign appearances that come this fall", the adviser said.

He later added: "This is not normal".

The President has repeatedly called on Mr Sessions to fire special counsel Robert Mueller and earlier this week blamed the Justice Department for indicting two incumbent Republican members of Congress, arguing the moves could jeopardise their seats. I'm not making that up. that's not hypothetical.

The portrayal of an administration in crisis was reinforced Wednesday when The New York Times published a bombshell account from "a senior official in the Trump administration" that illustrated a behind-the-scene "resistance".

Obama, reacting to the op-ed account, said, "That's not how our democracy is supposed to work".

According to Obama, voting in new surprise candidates automatically brought hope and change which would transform livelihoods of every citizen thus those who never voted for anyone were an impediment to change and development. I am being serious here. These people aren't elected.

While Obama has previously been relatively restrained when addressing Trump, the former commander-in-chief questioned the president's much-touted economic success, his agenda at large and his failure to offer a full-throated condemnation of white supremacists.

He described Obama's so-called "recovery" as the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression. We're supposed to stand up to discrimination.

Following his California visit, Obama will travel to OH next Thursday for an event for Richard Cordray, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in OH, and he is also slated to headline a campaign event in Pennsylvania later this month, and a NY fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, an organization led by former Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama's longtime friend.

Obama will hit the campaign trail on Saturday to back Democrats in key races. Marco Rubio's presidential campaign in 2016, said Obama's publicity tour was "a gift to Republicans".

The Republican National Committee, responding to Obama's speech, said voters will reject Obama's strategy in 2018.

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