Lewandowski: I warned Trump about Cohen

Trump has denied having knowledge of the payments to the women at the time they were made

Prosecutors said that Mr Cohen had been reimbursed for his role in the payments through a $35,000 monthly retainer arranged by executives at the Trump Organisation.

Mr Weisselberg was one of those called to give evidence before a federal grand jury for the Cohen investigation earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Also the last time we checked, America has been doing its own "Russian meddling" - participating in a coup d'état in Russia's back yard in 2014.

"The President's comments regarding flippers would seem to indicate a nervousness about what his associates might reveal to prosecutors and thus what might put him in jeopardy of impeachment and eventual legal prosecution", Princeton professor Keith Whittington told the Daily News.

Appearing on "Fox & Friends" Monday, Dershowitz said, "Look, the biggest crime you can commit in America today is to a have been associated with Donald Trump".

It was not clear whether Weisselberg and Pecker testified as part of investigations targeting someone other than Cohen. Cohen added, "I have spoken to Allen Weisselberg about how to set the whole thing up with funding".

McDougal sold her story to American Media for $150,000 U.S. in August 2016 but it was never published by the National Enquirer, a practice known as "catch and kill" aimed at suppressing potentially damaging stories.

"Privately, according to two sources, Trump attorneys suggested that a strategy for dealing with the issue could be for Trump to admit to having affairs with women and paying hush money to them for years..."

Dershowitz said that while Trump has the right to fire Sessions, "I think it would be a mistake to fire anybody". He also handled Trump's tax returns.

The guilty conviction was the first time Mueller's investigation has been tested in court, but its content had little to do with ties between Russian Federation and Trump's presidential campaign. In court on Tuesday, Cohen said that Trump had directed him to make the payments, which violated campaign finance laws.

In Cohen's court appearance in Manhattan to enter his guilty plea Tuesday, Cohen admitted to making payments of $150,000 to McDougal and $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels "at the direction" of Trump for the "principal goal of influencing the election". There is no such federal crime as collusion, although if he were to be found to have engaged in a conspiracy or attempt to obstruct justice in a report Mueller is expected to deliver when the probe has concluded, he could be damaged.

Worth noting? This Trump Tower meeting - ground zero for the "meddling" claims - was set up by the same bipartisan forces peddling the notorious "golden showers" memo, which accused Trump of being blackmailed by Russian Federation as a result of his alleged deviant sexual fetishes.

Moscow has denied it meddled in the election.

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