Trump spews falsehoods about Mueller probe in morning Twitter rant

The White House

The president claimed that Mueller's investigation into Moscow's interference in the 2016 USA elections has been far more nefarious than anything McCarthy ever did.

McGahn, his attorney, and the Special Counsel's office declined to comment.

His lengthy testimony - 30 hours over three voluntary interviews, according to the Times - could be crucial in determining whether the president acted with an improper, or "corrupt", intent when he took actions like firing former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, legal experts said.

"They have no courage, they have no guts, they just have big loud mouths", Trump said. McGahn and Burck feared that Trump was setting up McGahn to take the blame for any possible wrongdoing, so they embraced the opening to cooperate fully with Mueller in an effort to demonstrate that McGahn had done nothing wrong.

US President Donald Trump once again channels his anger on the Russian probe through Twitter.

Shortly after Trump's criticism, the New York Times tweeted that it "stands behind the reporting of our Pulitzer-Prize winning reporters @nytmike and @maggieNYT". "McGahn is doing right!" he wrote on Twitter.

But Dowd asked only for a broad assessment of how McGahn's sessions with Mueller had gone, rather than specifics, according to another person familiar with the discussions.

But when news of the meeting surfaced after Trump became president, he dictated a misleading statement about the talks, claiming they were about adoption of Russian children.

In 2016, he went public with his support for Trump and cited Trump's hard-line immigration position as one of the key reasons for his victory.

McGahn is far from the only member of Trump's inner circle who has been interviewed extensively by Mueller's team. "So, this is pretty important testimony, and it's taken Trump 48 hours nearly to understand what's going on here". Former press secretary Sean Spicer also sat for multiple days of interviews.

Trump described Mueller as "disgraced and discredited" and said "his whole group of Angry Democrat Thugs" had interviewed White House counsel Donald McGahn for 30 hours "only with my approval, for purposes of transparency".

The idea that the president's top lawyer would be so forthcoming with prosecutors with potentially damaging information about his client is considered unusual, legal experts told the Times.

In that case, Gonzales ended up testifying before a grand jury.

"The meeting was originally for the objective of getting information about Clinton", he said, adding that the Trump team didn't know that Natalia Veselnitskaya was Russian - even though emails later released by Trump Jr. show that she had been described as a "Russian government attorney".

"We protected the president", he added.

Trump said that border patrol agent Adrian Anzaldua "speaks flawless English" when he brought him to the stage.

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