Does Spider-Man PS4's Launch Trailer Tease Playable Miles Morales?

Spider Man Trailer

From more insight into gameplay to the team at Insomniac discussing pressures surrounding characters, all of us have been following the game very closely. The latest footage from the game also features the apparent first meeting between Spidey and Miles Morales, the kid who'll eventually carry the web-slinging torch.

Funnily, for a "gameplay" trailer, it also shows quite a lot of cinematics, but I'm digressing. Peter then laughs it off, before we're given a montage of him being beaten, threatened and more, leading us to believe that the two sequences have been intentionally placed together.

"You're Spider-Man!" he says. After eight years behind the mask, Peter Parker is a crime-fighting master.

There are several reasons why this Spider-Man game is receiving such hype. Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games has been tantalizingly cagey when asked whether or not Miles might become playable by the end of the game, saying in a San Diego Comic-Con live-stream that players will "find out on September 7th".

Set after the events of May's Avengers 4, the upcoming film is expected to bring Spider-Man back to down to Earth (and, presumably, back to life) as Peter Parker travels the world during his summer vacation from high school. Among others, there is Silver Sable, Mister Negative, The Kingpin, Rhino on the side of the baddies (even if I'd consider Silver Sable more of a vigilante, I guess), while Aunt May and Miles Morales headline the good guys.

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