Becca Kufrin defends controversial 'Bachelorette' victor: 'He didn't mean it'

'The Bachelorette' Finale: Who Did Becca Kufrin Choose?

I knew that you'd be there and you'd be a partner to me - and a teammate.

The 28-year-old Minnesota native gave the coveted last rose to Garrett Yrigoyen on a picturesque beach in the Maldives during Monday's dramatic three-hour finale. And so it played out with Garrett and Blake. He and Uncle Chuck talk about deaths in the family and the love for Becca he's developed in 2.5% of the time he spent with his first wife before marriage. Blake and Becca then rehash their conversation, minus the crying.

"The experience didn't scare me off the idea of finding love". I've know people who have a 'type, ' but this is eerie. Becca and Garrett have already taped the Jimmy Kimmel show together and they are still engaged. "I wrote that you reminded me of home, and you reminded me one of the most important men in my life entire life and that was my dad". People with an anxiety disorder, on the other hand, tend to have anxiety that is more persistent and long-lasting, and it may even be around things that can seem to other people to be disproportional to the issue at hand, she says. "I love you so much". Kufrin cried to her sister that she always felt that Horstmann would be the one, but then Yrigoyen crept into her heart.

Oh, so Garrett's done then? But in the end, her feelings for Yrigoyen were stronger. Sweat pouring down his face (apparently it gets hot in the Maldives), Blake launched into a lovely tribute to Becca as they stood together on a attractive perch overlooking the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean. He was the most confident going into the proposal.

If you only watched the show and read nothing at all about what Yrigoyen's "Instagram situation" actually was, this segment would give you no further knowledge about what happened.

Nonetheless, as they parted, instead of blasting her with the rage (or epithets) common to The Bachelorette, Horstmann blurted once again, "I love you". "I didn't expect this", he said, as the camera eagerly zoomed in on the mix of extreme sweat and tears.

Garrett Yrigoyen may have won Becca Kufrin's heart on "The Bachelorette", but a scandal that broke out while the show was airing had him seriously anxious he'd lose it. "Because we were so solid, I wasn't seeing everything". I think you are making a mistake.

Going into Monday's episode, only Yrigoyen and runner-up Blake Horstmann remained, leaving Kufrin the hard choice of breaking one of their hearts. He said she was intelligent, genuine, amusing and kind-hearted.

They both agreed it made them stronger as a couple, though were upset by some of the "really negative things" that people had said about Garrett online.

"We're so happy, so in love", Becca told Harrison in the studio. They plan to take the next few months to travel to each other's respective cities and get to know each other better. Becca wants to adopt at least two corgis. On "After the Final Rose" Chris Harrison and ABC revealed that they were being given a return trip to Thailand.

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In the meantime we have Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise to look forward to.

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