11 children, 3 women found in 'filthy' compound, 2 men arrested

Eleven children were held with little food or water in a makeshift compound in Amalia N.M. for an unknown period of time before police raided the location on Friday Aug. 3 2018

On Thursday, Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe approved a search warrant for the compound because he believed that a child abduction suspect and the abducted child were at the makeshift residence.

The Taos County sheriff identified the women facing charges as Jany Leveille, 35, Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, and Subhannah Wahhaj, 35.

The children, ranging in age from 1 to 15, were removed from the compound in the small community of Amalia, near the New Mexico-Colorado border, about 145 miles northeast of Albuquerque.

The remains of a young boy have been found on a filthy New Mexico compound where authorities rescued 11 children last week, according to police.

The search warrant executed Friday followed a two-month investigation with Clayton County, Georgia, investigators and the FBI into the whereabouts of Wahhaj's son, Hogrefe said. Wahhaj's relatives, including his -father, an imam at a mosque in Brooklyn, New York, launched a social media campaign to try to find the missing boy.

While the missing 3-year-old boy was not found, police believe he may have been there recently.

A Clayton County judge issued a "Pick Up Order" for the toddler and he was placed on the Georgia Crime Information Center and National Crime Information Center Databases as a missing person.

He also said he never met the three women living at the site and doesn't recall seeing the boy who remains missing.

Five adults, who were all either parents or aunts and uncles to the children, were initially arrested in the raid, and all five have been charged with 11 counts of child abuse. A warrant was issued in Georgia for Wahhaj's arrest on January 9.

Eleven children aged 1 to 15 were taken into custody at the compound in New Mexico after a standoff between two Muslim men and the police.

The boy's mother told authorities that her son suffered from seizures, couldn't walk because of severe medical issues, and required constant attention. Gallegos is also considering filing a petition for no bond holds for the defendants, which would keep them incarcerated until trial, but didn't give a definitive answer as of press time.

The dwelling had no running water or electricity and was described by Sheriff Hogrefe as "the saddest living conditions and poverty [he has] seen". The group told police they were headed to New Mexico to go camping, and continued on their way. The three women were taken into custody for questioning and were released, officers said.

He said the children looked like "Third-World country refugees" with no fresh water, no shoes, "and basically dirty rags" for clothing.

He proposed the group "swap" the property for land Badger said the group had purchased not far away from his home in Northern New Mexico.

Georgia authorities said Mr Wahhaj was traveling through Alabama's Chilton County with seven children and another adult when their auto overturned.

The investigation started a year ago on the opposite side of the U.S.in Jonesboro, Georgia, where Siraj Wahhaj was accused of kidnapping his toddler.

This Friday, Aug. 3, 2018, photo released by Taos County Sheriff's Office shows Lucas Morten.

All five adults have been charged with child abuse, Hogrefe said in a statement posted to the sheriff's office Facebook page.

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