Hot, Dusty and on Fire: Portugal's Heatwave Breaks Records

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If you think it's been a bit too hot here spare a thought for the rest of Europe where temperatures are soaring to potentially record levels - as high as 48 celsius. Some predictions have said certain regions could see highs of 48C, which would break Portugal's record of 47.4C from 2003.

Heat warnings have been issued for 41 of Spain's 50 provinces as temperatures are expected to reach up to 45C.

Past year 114 people were killed in two massive wildfires in Portugal.

Portugal and Spain are facing a major heatwave with the mercury expected to soar before peaking at 47C in some areas this weekend.

"People with heart and lung conditions, older people and young children can all struggle in warmer weather as their bodies find it more hard to cope with higher temperatures", O'Connell wrote.

The hot, dry conditions have led to several wildfires in Portugal.

Weather experts say Spain's heat will then spread to the United Kingdom, with predictions of 40C in France and "low 30s" in Britain over the weekend.

The torrid weather has been felt across Europe, as far north as Sweden and Britain, whose weather service said July was the country's third-warmest month in more than a century.

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Spain's weather agency, Aemet, has issued red warnings for heat in parts of the southwestern Extremadura and Andalucia regions Saturday, while swathes of the rest of the country are under orange or yellow alerts for heat.

Spain saw its hottest temperatures in July of previous year, with a high of 117.1F. Portuguese weather forecasters said the hot air from North Africa also brought particles of sand, which tend to subdue maximum temperatures slightly.

In eastern Europe, Poland was also enduring unusually high temperatures as the hot African air pushed temperatures up to 34C.

In the Middle East: Quriyat, Oman, likely set the world's hottest low temperature ever recorded on June 28, when the temperature failed to drop below 109°F, or 42.8°C.

In southern Spain, the heat continued to pound the tourist city of Cordoba reaching 44 C.

"We're here for two days, so we're going for it", said David Jones from England, cooling off by the fountains with his wife.

The scorching temperature was measured just miles from popular holiday towns of Malaga and Almeria.

With temperatures set to hit at least 46C in Portugal and Spain this weekend, British holidaymakers have been flocking to water parks and embracing the siesta as local emergency services warned they have seen a surge in fainting tourists.

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