Are parents paying for 'Fortnite' lessons for their kids?

Parents Are Now Hiring

"Within one week, I actually got a solo win", Giles said.

Some parents paying for Fortnite tutors say they hope their children's gaming skills could eventually lead to a college scholarship or a lucrative career in e-sports - video games with their own professional leagues, competitions, star players and millions of devoted followers.

According to WSJ, several parents across the world are heading towards online coaching marketplace that charge between $15 and $35 an hour for "Fortnite" lessons. One website called Gamersensei has hundreds of available coaches for all sorts of video games, but right now Fortnite is their hottest product.

According to Wall Street Journal, parents are taking their children to Fortnite coaches to improve their chances of securing a Battle Royale win.

Some parents are reportedly paying up to $20 per hour to give their kids "Fortnite" tutorials.

Fortnite Mobile on Android is a much-awaited upcoming release of an already hugely popular game. We're not sure if that will ruin Fortnite for the kids, but they'll undoubtedly move on to the next big thing eventually.

That means lessons costing anywhere between $10 and $20 - or more - an hour. She also explained the pressure isn't only on playing the game, but to be good at playing it, too.

Another parent, Nick Mennen, bought lessons for his 12-year-old son, Noble, to take lessons. It means the rise of contracting sites like Bidvine, which Neddleman said "has hired out more than 1,400" tutors in the last five months.

Other parents said they had hired the coaches for themselves so they can engage with their kids who are obsessed with the game.

"I want them to excel at what they enjoy", Euan Robertson told The Wall Street Journal.

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