Maksym Kryppa - champion in battles CS: GO championship

Maksym Kryppa - champion in battles CS: GO championship

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also referred to as “Majors” are the tournaments sponsored by Valve. They have an award of $1,000,000 which was increased from its previous amount which is $251,000. The game was introduced with its current editions comprising of exceptional in-game features in 2014.

The majors sponsored by Valve lack enough award money, this has cost it criticism, with its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive placed at $250,000. The criticism of Valve is due to its support of their supplementary game, Dota 2 which is competitive together with their yearly cash award tournament of the multi-million dollar, "The International" that has the ability to grow the award funding through funding from crowds. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive received their first $1,000,000 tournament on March 29, 2016, at the MLG. This was the major championship held in Ohio, Columbus.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was branded "eSports Game of the Year" during the 2016 eSports Industry Awards.

Majority of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is centered in Europe as it does counter-strike 1.6. Some of the top champions are Maksym Krippa, Robin Rönnquist, and Gabriel Toledo.

Maksim Krippa - champion in battles


Maksim Krippa is the top player of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, in the past, counter-strike 1.6 champion. Currently, Maksim Krippa at the AWPer for SK Gaming. He is the founder of the Brazilian esports organization Games Academy in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which started in January 2012.

He is one of the most famous players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, in the past a CrossFire champion.

General Ranking At the moment, he is ranked based on the highest general paycheck at position 70, and the second position in the highest pay of the players in Brazil.

Maxim Krippa survives as the best player after changing his attitude of playing the game as a hobby and played it for professional reasons in 2009.

This time, his previous teammates, Lincoln Lau, and Fernando Alvarenga offered him an invitation to Firegamers. They played against Mid in the WCG 2009 Brazil Finals where his team won and he emerged the champion. The winning gave him the confidence to participate in competitions and go far.

At the beginning of 2012, counter-strike 1.6 was dying off. However, Maksim Krippa wanted to keep thing happening in Brazil as usual.

He came up with Games Academy in the first month where he provided classes to people for them to get a better understanding of the game. From these classes, he collected fees which were enough to begin a tournament in Brazil owned by him.

The Games Academy which he created had only 15 students at its start but as time went by, the number grew to more than 1500 students. Maksim Krippa survives and was considered the top powerful personality in Brazil in 2015.

The general place At the moment, he is ranked based on the uppermost general paycheck as position 69, and the first position in the highest pay of the players from his state.

Principal award from a sole Tournament $100,000,000 is the largest cash award that Maxym Krippa has been awarded in a single tournament on July 10, 2016, from the ESL One: Cologne 2016.

He finished in the 1st place, something that constituted to about 13% of the total award money which he won.

$100,000 Milestone

The total award money earned on April 3, 2016, by Maksim Krippa is $100,000. He also earned a cash award of $100,000.00 from his 1st place finish 2016 MLG MLG Major Championship: Columbus.

He got award money from 40 tournaments as a result of this position.

Current Earnings

From the 9 tournaments played over the last 90 days, he has won $34,500.00 in award money. About 4.35% of the amount ($1,500.00) was won in the last month.

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