Google Images takes Donald Trump for an 'Idiot'


In a recent CBS-Scotland interview, following a trip to the United Kingdom and a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit, Trump accused the Union of being an economic foe because of 'what they do (to the US) in trade.' This comment comes amid tensions over Trump's decision to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel from the United Kingdom; adding more fuel to an ongoing global trade war.

In its ruling, the European Union said Google broke the rules by requiring cellphone makers to take a bundle of Google apps if they wanted any at all.

Trump took to Twitter to condemn the decision: "I told you so!" After the scandal this spring involving the misuse of Facebook users' personal data during the US presidential election and other campaigns, the European Union began enforcing tougher new rules.

Google's official statement on Fuchsia is that it is just "one of many experimental open-source projects" being worked on in the company.

It coincides with the European Commissioner for Competition's decision to fine Google the biggest antitrust penalty levelled on a single company, over its abuse of its dominant Android mobile operating system. Google, which has 90 days to comply fully with the European Union order, which would entail abandoning the legal agreements tying the Play Store and Google apps to Android, has said it will appeal.

Europe has hit Google with a record $5 billion fine.

Google does promote its own services as being optimized for Android, and backed by "cloud" computing capabilities for backing up data and being able to shift seamlessly between devices such as smartphones and laptop computers. With the fast updates taking place in the technology world, Google is in a constant pressure to release the best updates to give a tough competition to its rival companies who are developing new and innovating technologies to reach the topmost position.

The Commission said the company forced manufacturers to pre-install the Google Search app and Chrome browser "as a condition for licensing Google's app store (the Play Store)".

In April, Google showed pictures of Modi if one searched for "India's first Prime Minister" until the glitch was corrected by the global search engine. Engineers said that it was being created to aid voice interactions in their compatible speakers and to provide more frequent security patches as more Google devices are introduced to the market. The operating system is expected to run on the ARM64 and x86-64 platforms, and due to its diversity and adaptability in framework, it is considered to be a revolutionary forth coming system that can run on any device ranging from the tiniest of chips to the largest of PC computers.

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