European Union fines Google $5 billion

The EU has fined Google a record €4.3bn over Android antitrust

"Fuchsia is one of many experimental open source projects at Google".

The new sanction almost doubles the previous record European Union anti-trust fine of 2.4 billion euros, which also targeted Google, in that case for the Silicon Valley titan's shopping comparison service in 2017.

Trump took to Twitter over the decision: "I told you so!"

European Union officials have been investigating Google contracts that require manufacturers of Android phones to take Google's search and browser apps and other Google services when they want to license the Play app store.

Google also countered the EU's statement which said that the tech giant has prevented manufacturers wishing to pre-install Google apps by saying that it's easy to remove a preloaded app and replace it with an alternative.

The Google decision came one week before European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker was due to travel to the United States for crucial talks with the American president on the tariffs dispute and other issues.

Having said that, the fine represents just over two weeks of revenue for Google parent company Alphabet, according to Reuters - a sum that "would scarcely dent" the company's current cash reserves of $102.9b.

The EU has fined Google a record €4.3bn over Android antitrust
Android might not remain free because of new EU ruling

"If we don't negotiate something fair, then we have tremendous retribution, which we don't want to use, but we have tremendous powers", Trump said on Wednesday during a cabinet meeting at the White House. The investigation began in 2015, pre-dating Trump's presidency by more than a year, and is not immediately relevant to US-EU trade.

How President Trump would stop the European Commission from fining companies that are found to be breaking EU law is unclear.

Vestager dismissed Google's argument that it had competition from Apple, saying iPhones were not a sufficient check on Google's dominance because they cost more and require users to exert significant effort to adopt. "I do work with tax and I am a woman so that is 100% correct", she said, but added: "I very much like the USA".

In an interview with CBS in Scotland last week, Trump described the European Union as a "foe".

Google, on the other hand, claims that it has actually cultivated consumer choice instead of restricting it, and that it will appeal the ruling.

He is also considering tariffs on European cars and parts that the US imports.

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