Trump attacks CNN, NBC and British paper in news conference

White House Cancels John Bolton’s CNN Interview With Jake TapperMore

At a press conference in England on Friday, Mr. Trump called on a Fox News reporter but rebuffed CNN's Jim Acosta, who was also trying to ask the president a question.

After claiming that his recorded interview with The Sun was "fake news", Trump also targeted NBC and CNN as networks he generally despises.

"In today's press conference, I paused while my colleague from CNN went back and forth with President Trump over a question", Roberts said in a statement. Acosta several times asked if he could pose a question, but Trump instead called on Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts. "Then the president attacked CNN during his United Kingdom presser, and our WH correspondent tried to ask a question", he tweeted. John Roberts of Fox. "Let's go to- Let's go to a real network", said Trump.

But Roberts later issued a scathing rebuttal on Fox News, rejecting the notion that either network was fake and added he personally knows the journalists and used to work at CNN, so to call them "dishonest is unfair".

CNN National Security Analyst San Vinograd also tweeted about the incident, saying that Trump has labeled the press as "enemy of the people". This led him to remind the world that CNN was "sooooo wrong in their election coverage" and they are "still hurting" but that Acosta is "actually a nice guy". The White House has not commented on the reason for canceling Bolton's appearance.

At the press conference, he said he has "a lot of respect for the prime minister" and that whatever she does with Brexit is "OK with me". She is honest as the day is long.

Trump on Friday denied criticizing May's plans, saying that "whatever you do is OK with me".

Mason took it off and asked his question. Trump responded to Acosta despite his earlier statements and said, "yes". "To call her dishonest is unfair".

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