Your Guide to the Two Immigration Reform Bills Getting Votes on Thursday

7 Ways To Stop Feeling Useless And Help Kids Imprisoned At The Border.

"Bill", a piece of legislation, sits on the Capitol steps and explains to a young boy all the hoops he has to go through, from committee to the House to the Senate to the White House, to become law.

"What is the goal of the House doing good immigration bills when you need 9 votes by Democrats in the Senate, and the Dems are only looking to Obstruct", Trump said in a tweet on Thursday as he renewed his call for a change in Senate rules to allow legislation to move with a simple majority.

"I appreciate the president's opinion and his me, we voted today on a bill that I thought was more indicative of where the people are and what the president originally ran on", said Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., as he emerged from the session.

This approach has so far resulted in repeated failure, ensuring that no legislation can actually reach Trump's desk.

On family separation: It would allow children to be detained with their parents, and mandate that DHS house families who are going through criminal proceedings for first-time border crossings rather than turn them over to the Justice Department, as is current policy, CBS News' Rebecca Kaplan reports.

The measure they came up with during weeks of negotiations with GOP leaders and conservatives from both the House Freedom Caucus and the Republican Study Committee - dubbed the compromise bill - was scheduled for a vote Thursday evening.

The vote on that bill was initially rescheduledfor Friday morning.

The compromise bill, which had been set for a vote later in the day, was crafted to appeal to more Republicans, some of whom joined with Democrats to defeat the more conservative immigration measure. Democrats there have enough votes to use procedural delays to kill it. Republicans and Trump have raised expectations that, in control of Congress and the White House, they can fix the nation's long-standing immigration problems.

That petition drive was tied to the conservative legislation, so by bringing the bill to the floor - even in defeat - the petition fell. "It would have been an exercise in futility". But 20 Republicans also voted no, giving GOP leaders a brief scare in what was their second attempt to pass a farm bill.

They pointed to the more conservative bill that failed Thursday and said if Mr. Trump, the administration and Mr. Ryan had put more effort behind it, they may have been able to pass it.

Rank-and-file Republicans seem to have accepted reality.

Republicans have not historically struggled to pass farm bills - though it has become increasingly hard over the past 10 years.

Meadows has also taken issue with a drafting error on the so-called trigger mechanism in the bill that would prevent Dreamers from accessing the special visa created under the bill if a future Congress removes or reallocates funding the bill appropriates for a border wall.

But the process left Walker deeply frustrated, labeling himself a "lean no" against the bill.

Republicans wanted a weak speaker. Then, he interjected that he didn't like what they came up with. The support level hung around 170 Republicans for a while, and then at the end the number cleared 190 as lawmakers just chose to support it to protect their right flank in a future Republican primary.

"If the president wants to weigh in more forcefully behind this one bill and say that this is important to his administration to pass, I think it could make a difference", Coffman said.

Centrists had gathered 216 signatures on their initial discharge petition - two shy of the 218 needed to force four competing DACA bills to the floor - before Republican leaders intervened with their two-vote strategy.

On June 15, McMorris Rodgers sent talking-points to GOP legislators to help them defend Ryan's amnesty bill when talking to their voters. "We're working on a much more comprehensive bill", Trump said before signing the order. No Democrats supported the hard-line proposal they panned as too harsh, and 41 Republicans defected. All they want is an opportunity to register their own vote in favor of amnesty ahead of the midterms.

The speaker also cited the Senate filibuster, requiring a bipartisan supermajority of 60 votes to end debate, as "a source of the frustration we have around here".

The Senate is considering its own farm bill with no major changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) used by more than 40 million Americans, or about 12 percent of the total US population.

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