Life Is Strange Spin-Off Captain Spirit Coming Later This Month For Free

The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Arrives June 26, 2018 (Update)

You don't have to have owned any other Life Is Strange games; you don't have to pre-order the sequel - you can just download it. There are "links" to stories and details from Life is odd 2, the directors teased.

The game, developed by Dontnod Studios, is set in the Life is unusual universe, following a new male protagonist, a young boy named Chris.

It is completely free of charge, and does not require any additional purchases to enjoy the full experience. Both games in the series, the 2015 original, as well as the 2017 prequel Before the Storm, have been quite positively received by gamers and critics alike. It tells the story of Chris, a 10-year-old boy who basically wants to be a superhero.

The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Arrives June 26, 2018 (Update)
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a Life is Strange Title Coming This Month For Free

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will arrive as a "100% free" title on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on June 26 this year.

Aside from details about the title itself - which is coming as a free download to consoles and PC later this month - Dontnod also detailed that Captain Spirit was being made in mind with expanding the Life is odd universe. Life is unusual 2 has been announced but not formally unveiled yet. Developer Dontnod promises many secrets in this self-contained experience, enough to warrant several playthroughs. I'm gettin kind of teary-eyed thinking about it.

Check out the game's sweet comic cover style art.

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