ARM Cortex-A76 CPU, Mali-G76 GPU, Mali-V76 VPU Designs Launched


Rene Haas, president of the IP Products Group division at the Cambridge, England-based company, said in a blog post that the new Arm Cortex-A76 CPU will have 35 percent better performance from a year ago for productivity applications. However, increasing the number of lanes also increases bandwidth, texture support, and power and silicon area requirements. The CPU is projected by Arm to ship in 3GHz configuration on TSMC 7nm products. We'll also see a 4x improvements in machine learning workloads thanks to new optimisations in the ASIMD pipelines and how dot products are handled. Technical details about the new CPU can be read here.

The G71 was the first Mali GPU based on the new Bifrost architecture, succeeding the Midgard architecture. The is the GPU used by companies such as Samsung, Huawei and Mediatek.

Up until now, Mali GPUs haven't been able to compete head-to-head in terms of sustained performance and power efficiency against their rivals. However, unlike Apple which designs all parts of processors on its own, Qualcomm uses the pre-built - to simplify it - cores in its Snapdragon processor. This level of performance, power efficiency, and flexibility changes how consumers engage with their new PCs giving them more power to accomplish what they want to, whenever and wherever they want to accomplish it.

According to Arm, its CPUs have seen consistent 20%+ performance gains every year without compromising battery life, in contrast to x86 laptop CPUs, which have seen single-digit percentage improvements every year. That's a decrease from the maximum of 32 cores with the G72, though we never really saw smartphone designs venture further than the high teens anyway.

Another Reddit user does, however, take issue with the comparison, noting that the A10 is a System On a Chip (SOC), which includes a GPU and more.

That's where ARM has been making investments, which are on display in these new processors. The company highlights scenarios such as streaming four 4K movies at once or watching four games in 4K. In addition to 8K video resolution support, the Mali-V76 will also provide support to run four separate video streams, all being rendered at 4K resolution with 60 fps frame rate. It has twice the decode performance and capability of the old Mali-V61, but a 40-percent smaller footprint. It can also support up to sixteen 1080p streams, enabling the creation of 4x4 video walls, which ARM says is increasingly becoming an absolute essential in the Chinese market. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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