Missouri Governor Eric Greitens Resigns Amid Sexual-Assault Scandal

Republican Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has resigned amid his sexual misconduct scandal

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner spoke to the media moments ago and says she will drop the felony computer tampering charge the Governor has been facing.

Greitens, announcing his resignation, said the accusations and prosecution were "designed" to put strain on his family.

"There is frankly, a lot of relief that the Greitens debacle is behind us", strategist Keller continued. "This ordeal has been created to cause an incredible amouont of strain on my family".

Greitens became emotional when he said, "The time has come though, to tend to those who are wounded, and to care for those who need us most".

His departure apparently ends that line of legal risk for Mr. Greitens, who could have faced four years in prison had he been convicted of tampering.

Although he stopped short of calling for a full resignation at this time, Curtman said anytime an official is mired in an issue like this it's always hurtful and Missourians deserve much more out of their leaders. Last month, a Missouri state House committee released a report alleging that Greitens subjected a woman to non-consensual sexual activity and violence.

The controversy started in January when the ex-husband of Greitens' mistress provided an audio recording to St. Louis station KMOV-TV and alleged Greitens took a photo of the woman bound, blindfolded, and partially undressed without her consent.

Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson, also a Republican, is taking over as the state's top politician.

"The last few months have been incredibly hard for me, for my family, for my team, for my friends, and for many, many people that I love", he said in an emotional televised statement. I am proud of you and all of our work. She said "for whatever reason, I trusted him".

A House investigatory committee is seeking communications and documents showing potential coordination between Greitens, his campaign committee and A New Missouri.

Myth 2: He was in this to "fight for the people of Missouri".

A legislative committee has been deliberating whether to bring impeachment proceedings against Greitens amid allegations that carry felony charges in Missouri.

Had Missouri voters known in November 2016 about the sordid extramarital affair that got Greitens into so much trouble, he never would have gotten out of the starting blocks.

Also being investigated is The Mission Continues, a veterans charity founded by Greitens, as it relates to the state's consumer protection and charitable registration and reporting laws. Missouri has been blessed with an unbroken line of men and women in public service who have worked to make our state better, and the work of the many dedicated public servants, who work tirelessly for the people of Missouri, will continue.

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