Confirmed: Black Ops 4 gets Battle Royale mode

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Nintendo Switch Pre Order Cases Surface Before Official Reveal

The authors describe this regime as a "battle Royal in the spirit of Black Ops", writes CNBC.

He added that characters and other features from the last 10 years of Black Ops games would be included in the new mode.

Numerous previous specialists will return for Black Ops 4 but with completely redesigned abilities. Don't expect robots or much in the way of futuristic technology. "We're weaving narrative into each of the modes". There was a particular focus on shields, which can be used both for defense and offense. Because those could really level a playing field if we get multiple enemies in one shot. Just how Treyarch is going to put their stamp on the game is anyone's guess since they decided not to show the mode off during their community reveal.

Weapons are more customizable than ever. Each them can only have one type of specialist class and this is going to make for some interesting comps. For more information on the new game mode, check out our breakdown here, and for more information on the game itself, check out the official website, here. Treyarch has recruited Beenox and Blizzard to assist with development, which means Black Ops 4's multiplayer will be playable on the PC through (a first for the franchise). For fair-to-middling players like myself, these devices can help the game feel more accessible to those just looking to contribute without having to worry too much about how many kills they tally.

However, not to be lost in the Blackout news was a wealth of other adjustments and features created to refine the experience of annihilating friends and strangers online.

"How do we make Black Ops 4 deeper and more tactical than it's ever been before?" The four characters are Scarlet, Bruno, Diego and Shaw, forced to travel through time in order to secure some sort of artefact that will shut down whatever mysterious organisation is trying to summon the dead. Seems like this will be a break from traditional Call of Duty in a whole lot of ways, as we expected.

The zombie modes will have a new feature named Callings.

Players will have options to create custom rules for zombies and change everything from health to zombie speed. A new mode called Zombie Rush is tailor-made for newcomers who may find the traditional zombie mode intimidating.

Should you pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or wait?

It will be fully integrated with's social mechanics, and players will even be able to talk to each other across various games. The game will also have its dedicated servers.

Greene has said in the past he does not mind Battle Royale competitors as long as they are not carbon copies of PUBG and bring some kind of new spin on the last man standing formula. The map does sound pretty massive regardless as Treyarch has confirmed it will be 1,500 times larger than the classic compact multiplayer map, Nuketown. Based on today's presentation, it appears this oversized map is composed of famous maps from the previous Call of Duty titles. It still has the signature controls, and fluid gameplay players have come to know. You'll fight across land, sea, and air, and the game will pack in memorable characters from across the entire Black Ops franchise.

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