Trump Properly Discloses Payment to Michael Cohen

Trump repaid attorney Cohen for 2016 payment made on his behalf- ethics disclosure

The Office of Government Ethics has also concluded that the payment to Cohen "meets the disclosure requirement for a reportable liability".

US President Donald Trump has officially disclosed his reimbursement to his lawyer for a payment to a porn star to hush her claims of an affair.

Apol told Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that he was providing both Trump's 2017 and 2018 disclosures, as potentially "relevant to any inquiry" the Justice Department may be pursuing into the president's filings from previous year.

A footnote in the disclosure said that Cohen had requested reimbursement of the expenses incurred in 2016 and Trump had repaid it in full in 2017.

The payments were detailed in a "suspicious-activity report" filed by First Republic Bank, where Essentials Consults maintained an account.

According to the Washington Post, Trump's disclosure was filed with the Office of Government Ethics, who said the president's debt to Cohen should be listed in the liabilities section.

While the disclosure didn't specify the objective of the payment, Cohen has said he paid $130,000 to Daniels in the weeks before the 2016 presidential election to keep her from going public about her allegations that she had sex with the married Trump in 2006. The "law-enforcement official" said they chose to make that document public because it appeared two similar reports were missing from a government database, and they feared they were being hidden from law enforcement. His Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, received $25 million, and his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, generated $15 million.

The mandatory filing says that "in 2016 expenses were incurred by one of Donald J. Trump's attorneys, Michael Cohen". About 36 after Giuliani first revealed that Trump reimbursed Cohen, the president distanced himself from his lawyer, telling reporters "he will get his facts straight" and "virtually everything that's been said has been said incorrectly". The leaker said they knew the risks, and "To say that I am terrified right now would be an understatement". The report said the president did not have to disclose the payment but was doing so "in the interest of transparency". When news of the $130,000 payment first broke, Michael D. Cohen did not deny it but said that he had not been reimbursed by either the president's company or campaign.

The extensive disclosures reveal a total income over $500 million for 2017.

WASHINGTON - President Trump lashed out at unauthorized immigrants during a White House meeting Wednesday, warning in front of news cameras that unsafe people are clamoring to breach the country's borders and branding such people "animals".

The Ukraine-born Vekselberg is the founder and president of Russia's largest conglomerate, the Renova Group, which has enabled him to become one of the country's wealthiest men-worth an estimated $13.5 billion as of 2015. His Doral golf course and resort in Miami took in $75 million.

Now, legal experts are saying that Trump needs to declare any payments related to Daniels because payments made to the adult film star in 2016 could possibly be violations of campaign finance law. The president owes Deutsch Bank as much as $175 million.

The form also shows that Melania Trump earned between $100,001 and $1 million from Getty Images, the photo licensing company.

For operating New York's Wollman Rink in Central Park, the president took in $9.3 million.

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