Assemblyman working to amend California constitution to allow sports betting

Major league executives are taking meetings with bookies

In a split decision, the high court sided with New Jersey and overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 as unconstitutional.

In Washington state legislators will need to act before sports gambling is legalized.

Legal sports gambling is now no longer reserved just for Nevada.

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down a federal law that effectively banned commercial sports betting in most states, basically legalizing sports betting by allowing states to decide how they want to manage the gambling enterprise.

The goal is for the Lottery Commission and the casinos and race tracks to have the regulatory requirements finalized so they will be ready by around September 1 to offer betting on sports games, said John Cavacini of the West Virginia Gaming and Racing Association.

New Jersey has been preparing in earnest for legalized sports wagering since 2012, and many locations are ready to move quickly.

"I do know that we're looking at a handle of $8 billion that will be significant money is available for the state of New York", Pretlow said.

Broadcast attorney John Garziglia tells Radio Ink he believes this could lead to another advertising category for radio. To allow gaming in Texas would require changes to state law and buck our conventional conservative values.

By then, legal sports betting is likely to be well established in other states. Las Vegas now has an National Hockey League team and will soon have an NFL team, and the NBA's commissioner has called for legalizing sports betting so it can be properly regulated.

The Supreme Court on Monday opened the doors to state-sanctioned sports gambling.

A prospective sports-betting bill introduced last month by state Sen. "According to information provided by Stop Predatory Gambling, 'the American people lost $117 billion on state-sanctioned gambling in 2016, causing life-changing financial losses for millions of citizens.' The problem of predatory gambling will be made far worse if sports gambling parlors are allowed to operate in the commonwealth of Kentucky".

"We've watched what they've done with the lottery here in the state and the kind of revenue streams", he said. "If we don't, I'll keep flying to where it is legal, because I like raising my family here, I live here, and I grew up here", said Ross.

One potential legalization hurdle involves the "integrity fees" being sought by sports leagues in exchange for endorsing gambling on their match-ups.

Most sports books are likely to offer single-game bets, over-under bets, prop betting, teaser bets and parlays, as Nevada sports books do.

The process to legalize sports gambling in California won't happen overnight. Backers of the amendment expect some opposition from tribal casinos, card rooms and race tracks, since those entities now have a monopoly on legalized gambling in the states.

New Jersey sports books will be able to take bets via phone or computer, but not right away.

Would sports betting bring in a lot of new tax revenue?

Professional sports leagues have begun to shift their views regarding sports betting.

"It's become a state's rights issue and as of such, SC needs to get on board", Representative Todd Rutherford said.

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, whose district includes Rivers Casino in Schenectady, said he thinks lawmakers in both houses are on board.

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