Google Duplex makes its Assistant more human

Google AI

The demo - which showed a voice assistant call a hair saloon and book an appointment on behalf of a customer - was nothing short of awesome, and it just goes to show how far ahead Google is in terms of voice-based AI assistants and conversational, natural language processing. Google has an ecosystem of products, including the Android operating system. The AI-driven Assistant spoke in a very natural, human-sounding voice, interjecting an "uh" and a "hmm" here and there before replying to questions, with a flawless intonation that could barely be told apart from that of the person at the other end of the call.

Kicking off the tech giant's annual developers conference, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai argued that its AI-powered digital assistant had the potential to free people from everyday chores.

In today's busy world, you don't always have the time to use your phone or computer to get a task done.

In two demonstrations, one setting up a hair appointment and another a restaurant reservation, a realistic-sounding automated voice used pauses and "ums" and "mmm-hmms" to sound more human during interactions with people.

"What if Google books appointments that the user has no intention of keeping or it fails to inform the user that the appointment has been booked?" he said. Who knows what the next 10 years will bring: Maybe Google Assistant will be able to do actual work for you, or apply to jobs for you in the background, like the way AI is portrayed in the 2013 movie "Her".

Google Duplex is likely years away from a commercial rollout, and it will nearly certainly look different by the time it's released to the public.

Google is introducing an autocomplete feature in its Gmail email service. The app is even getting smarter, with new options to convert images directly to PDF, machine learning based retouch options and suggested tagging and sharing options. Say you make wireless chargers for example.

Google photos cannot just restore our old black and white photos, but also convert them to colour images. The changes are coming in the next two months. That could present thorny issues for the future use of AI. How artificial intelligence may replace human work or be infected with human prejudices is a growing concern. This was just about the day 1, still, 2 days and some major breakthroughs remain to be seen at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. "In a blog post, Trystan Upstill, head of News Product and Engineering at Google, announced that the company will now be applying artificial intelligence to ".find the best of human intelligence - the great reporting done by journalists around the globe".

Google responded with a number of "digital well-being" announcements Tuesday such as a new Android "Time Spent" dashboard that tells you exactly how long you spend on any given app, the number of notifications you receive, even the number of times you unlock your phone. Leveraging that connection, the Google Assistant does a bunch of important things for you, including making phone calls using Google Duplex. It went back and made improvements.

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