Alabama man, 83, executed for judge's 1989 mail-bomb death

Alabama executes oldest US inmate to be put to death in modern times

Moody's scheduled lethal injection followed a particularly high-profile case, but it also stands out for his age.

The judge that Moody was convicted of killing had presided over a previous case involving him from 1972, in which he was charged with possession of a pipe bomb.

Last year, Alabama executed a 75-year-old inmate who had previously faced the death chamber seven times.

His lethal injection comes just months after Alabama botched the execution of a 61-year-old man with terminal cancer and compromised veins - who was lucky enough to get a stay after workers were unable to administer the poison.

Moody was convicted of killing U.S. Circuit Judge Robert S. Vance and Robert Robinson, a black civil rights attorney from Savannah, Georgia, with bombs sent through the mail.

According to CBS News, the explosion killed Vance instantly and seriously injured his wife.

The prisoner named Walter Moody was convicted in a bombing case in 1989. They said he then sent out additional package bombs to make it look like the Ku Klux Klan was behind the judge's murder.

Earlier this year, the group's records show, Georgia executed a 67-year-old death row inmate.

Moody replaced John Nixon, who was 77 when subjected to departure at December 2005 at MS, as the oldest person executed because the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, which tracks U.S. money punishment. "Walter Leroy Moody was convicted of Judge Vance's murder in both federal and state courts".

Attorney General Jeff Sessions notified the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday that he consents to Alabama's custody of Moody to carry out the execution. They also argued that the aggravating factors used to impose a death sentence were improper.

Officials consider executions performed after 1976 in "modern times" - since that's when the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty. And in a sign of how death row populations are aging amid a nationwide decline in executions, Moody became the eighth inmate older than 65 put to death since the beginning of 2015.

Judge Vance's son, Robert S. Vance Jr., said on Thursday that he has never forgiven Moody because "he has not acknowledged any remorse or any acknowledgment that he was guilty", according to the Associated Press, adding that Moody fit the profile of a psychopath.

"He believed the Democratic Party should be open and not be the party of George Wallace and the Dixiecrats", LaPierre said.

Moody has always maintained that he is innocent, and he has even blamed a government conspiracy for the attacks, according to the Associated Press. But, later he was indicted on capital murder charges 1996. Vance said he tossed the letter in the trash.

Vance told the outlet that he has made peace with his father's death but did not attend the execution.

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