Taylor Swift Releases Two Acoustic Songs

Taylor Swift

In March, Taylor returned to Nashville's Bluebird Café for an intimate acoustic performance - the very spot she was discovered by Big Machine exec Scott Borchetta as a teenager.

"That Taylor Swift cover of "September" sounds like housing discrimination", another tweeted. Spin has done some speculative analysis on the edit, as well as Swift's adjustment of the date in the song's opening line, which she changes from september 21 to september 28. On April 12, she got fans in a swirl by posting on Instagram that she'd be dropping an unnamed and unexpected cover single on Spotify, along with an alternate version of her latest single, "Delicate". While theirs was more "dance floor anthem", Swift's is more "warm coffeehouse ballad" - she slathers the track in banjos and lets her breathy vocals handle those iconic "ba de ya's".

"Delicate is a song about the vulnerability that immediately surfaces in all of us the minute we meet someone we want to like us".

Swift tends to be selective with her recorded cover songs, so any one she decides upon would be an event.

Monique Judge, a columnist for the black culture magazine the Root, also said, "There are certain songs you don't mess with, especially if you don't have the range, and we all know Taylor Swift has all the range of a dial tone". "People who are mad at Taylor Swift for changing the genre of September are the same people who think I Will Always Love You is an original Whitney Houston song", one user tweeted.

Check out more reactions to the song below.

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