New England Patriots trade WR Brandin Cooks to LA Rams

Brandin Cooks

With Cooks gone, the Patriots have a hole at receiver. They already had the No. 31 pick and No. 63 pick as a result of finishing as the Super Bowl XLIX runner up to the Eagles.

Rather bizarrely for such a talented player, he's now on his third team in as many seasons, after joining the Pats from New Orleans in 2017.

Cooks and Beckham both were first-round picks in the 2014 NFL Draft, but Beckham has more receptions, yards and touchdowns despite missing more games due to injury. He's also taken 30 carries for 161 yards and a TD.

According to ESPN, the Patriots attempted to re-sign Cooks before talks broke off, and the Rams now will continue those talks with the intent to sign Cooks to a long-term deal. "They got to a certain number and that number wasn't going to get it done". Yet the Rams don't appear to regret the trade, even though Watkins was their fourth-leading receiver with 39 catches, because he excelled in the red zone with eight TD grabs and provided a deep threat that had to be respected by opponents. Mike Evans signed a five-year, $82 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that averages $16 million annually. After Sammy Watkins received a huge deal from the Kansas City Chiefs, the Rams needed to find his replacement.

The actual details of any Beckham deal are tough anyway, because he basically requires a top-of-the-market deal for a wide receiver sight unseen. However, the Giants' asking price was way too high. For starters, the team avoids paying the 24-year-old a $7 million jump in salary, freeing up some additional cap space.

Having traded away former backup passer Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers last October, the Patriots are expected to draft a quarterback to succeed Tom Brady following his inevitable - though consistently pushed back - retirement.

Los Angeles receives Cooks and New England's No. 136 overall pick in the fourth round in exchange for the Rams' No. 23 overall pick and No. 198 overall in the sixth round. But moving on from Cooks certainly can't cause as much trouble with No. 12 as it would if they jettisoned, say, Rob Gronkowski or Julian Edelman. History - recent and dating back to guys like Richard Seymour - has revealed that Belichick is rarely averse to dealing current players for future assets, and he could move another veteran plus the three picks the Patriots now hold between picks 23 and 43 to do so. I love his attitude. Cooks' speed and versatility should fit in well in coach Sean McVay's schemes as he lines up alongside Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp in the NFL's highest-scoring offense last season.

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