Ford, Alibaba Launch 'Car Vending Machine' in Guangzhou

Ford vending machine begins dispensing cars in China

The vehicle vending machine isn't a permanent service. The partnership between Ford and Alibaba further demands the automotive and transportation industry giant to develop 15 hybrid vehicle models for sale in China by 2025. For those with scores above 700, the three day test drive is free.

The multi-story facility, which sports cats' eyes and ears on the roof, can be accessed using Alibaba's Tmall shopping app, the tech site says. The customer also needs to snap a selfie with the mobile app, which is used to confirm his or her booking at the test-drive centre.

With an eye to a core audience, a Ford executive said on Alibaba's news site that the aim is to have auto shoppers try Ford vehicles, and "ultimately" buy the vehicle at a Ford dealership.

"The auto vending machine is an important step in Alibaba's New Retail push".

They simply select a model on Alibaba's Taobao mobile app, have their face scanned by the app, and when they arrive at the machine, it will verify their identities before the vehicle is delivered.

At the time, Alibaba said it had plans to build dozens of auto vending machines in cities in China over the next 12 months. The vending machine, which is five stories tall, is now located at that city but the companies plan to bring at least two more to other cities.

Additionally, this report concluded lastly with the Beverage Vending Machine market size estimation, primary and secondary data sources, development trends and research conclusion, Beverage Vending Machine market forecast by region, by types and end user application, marketing environment in present market, regional trading with import and export, Beverage Vending Machine market key components, top most company and their profiles, SWOT analysis and more. Incidentally, the company had recently made it to the headlines for its plan to construct a seven-storied auto vending machine in Chesterfield. At Guangzhou's machine, buyers can also take out one other vehicle if they are not satisfied with their selections. The general manager of the company explained that the idea was done to make efficient use of the little land in Singapore. If a user decides to purchase a vehicle, then their test drive fee will be refunded.

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