YouTube is about to get a lot more annoying for music fans

YouTube is about to get a lot more annoying for music fans

The most prominent Pakistani YouTubers like Irfan Junejo and Mooro would be very cheerful seeing these new highlights and the general population who watch their most loved YouTubers go live continuously is a blessing from heaven for them. As brands like Spike's Tactical see their channels terminated thanks to infringements of YouTube's content guidelines, one firearms channel has set up shop on the pornography video platform Pornhub. The service provides 30 minutes of ad-free listening just for viewing a 30-second ad.

The process includes the equipment, script-writing, and filming and editing of the video.

"Their discriminatory policy would make at least half of the videos that I have produced prohibited", notes The VSO Gun Channel, which as of Tuesday had 129,000 subscribers. "Video ads are an authentic and engaging way to reach your customers and show them what makes your business unique through the power of sight, sound and motion".

YouTube, along with other streaming services like Apple and Amazon, chose not to remove the NRA channel. Cohen said that with the new service, YouTube could earn more revenue apart from the company's usual earnings from advertising.

Why YouTube's "frustrating ads" strategy will most likely backfire.

. "For example, an airline could reach people on YouTube who recently searched for 'flights to Hawaii.' We call this custom intent audiences", explained the recent Google's announcement. And YouTube parent company Google owns the lion's share of that take, with some $35 billion in ad sales.

To access the new live streaming feature, just go to the YouTube Live dashboard or click on the camera icon in the top header of the site and select "go live".

The ads created by YouTube Director onsite will support this feature as well, allowing the businesses to capture leads or referrals, or something else that's important to their specific businesses.

For YouTube, which has several subscription-based plans but continues to struggle to encourage adoption of them, the difficulty in persuading users who think of it as free could be even more significant.

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