Fortnite Streamer Breaks Twitch Record

Ninja Net Worth

Ninja gave an interview to CNBC where he talked about what sort of cash you can pull in as a video game streamer, which is over $500,000 per month in his case. He wants to get away from relying on player reports and involve players more directly in game design decisions, including allowing them to vote on potential changes. The news should come as no surprise to those who've been following the meteoric trajectory of Fortnite and its popular battle royale-style game mode, which puts up to 100 players against one another on a deserted island in a last-person-standing contest. "I'm very goofy; if you ever watched any of my streams or YouTube videos, I do impressions and stuff like that all the time and just insane shenanigans".

Epic Games is trying to combat in-game toxicity in Fortnite Battle Royale by getting rid of friendly fire. "The combination of that - it's a hybrid". "I think the combination of that [game skill and entertainment] is really fun to watch". Investing and saving, as well as making charitable donations, he said. "All the kids out there, you can't just drop everything and focus on playing videogames for a living", he said. You can make an incredible amount of money playing games, but it's challenging work and there is intense competition in this sort of profession. "People were saying, "People are killing me for my stuff" or "People are killing me just to troll" or whatever it might be, but we also understood that it was an important part of the genre up to that point", Lewis-Evans told Polygon. Google search volume interest for "Fortnite" exceeded "Minecraft" in recent weeks. This former professional Halo player is now the biggest streamer on Twitch after switching to Fortnite. It was one of those things where if I was doing well in school, putting in the time and effort there, and soccer as well, that I would be rewarded to play as many games as I want. Whether it's a new weapon or a map change, most of the additions were well received by the community, and the game developer keeps coming up with new ideas that players love.

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