Microsoft's Cloud Is Expanding to Switzerland and the Middle East

Microsoft to open its first Middle East cloud sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Microsoft also announced plans to open other data centres simultaneously in Switzerland, France, and Germany.

"We have seen in the past couple of years that a lot of customers have increasingly put their trust in the Microsoft Cloud services, and once we crossed a certain threshold, we knew that we needed to have a data centre here that could help support their needs".

I'm thrilled to share that we plan to deliver the Microsoft Cloud from our first datacenter locations in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, and we'll expand the cloud options for customers in Germany. That followed a few quarters of slower investment as Microsoft filled data centers it had already built.

It's part of an ongoing geographic expansion to better serve customers of its Azure cloud platform, Office 365 productivity suite, and Dynamics 365 business applications. "Driven by strong customer demand for cloud computing, local datacenters were the logical next step given the enormous opportunity that the cloud presents".

Using the two solutions together means customers can save costs, while also benefitting from guaranteed data consistency and continuous availability, WANDisco explained.

The types of worldwide companies that want to store data within their country while using cloud services tend to be heavily regulated companies like insurance providers, financial services firms, and healthcare companies, he explained.

It can be cheaper and easier to deal with existing regulatory requirements if cloud-computing companies choose to lease and operate in existing data center facilities while also partnering with local companies. The data centers would be Microsoft's first in the region, making the USA tech giant the latest cloud service provider to invest in the digital infrastructure in the Arab world. The tradeoff is that they don't control the entire data centers and can't optimize them to be as power efficient as the massive data center facilities companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft operate in the U.S.

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