Israeli Police Will Recommend Indicting Netanyahu

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested Wednesday night that he could be implicated in a police corruption investigation but sought to reassure his supporters that the allegations against him would amount to nothing.

Pressure has built on Netanyahu with police investigating him reportedly set to hand over their recommendations to the attorney general next week in the long-running probe.

Ynet reported that police are split on whether they have evidence to bring charges against Netanyahu on that that case.

However, the Attorney General will make the final decision on pressing charges.

"It is shocking that the police chief will once again allude to the lie that the prime minister sent private investigators to spy on police investigators", Netanyahu wrote in a social media post.

Alsheich's insinuation is "so grave" that it warrants its own "objective investigation" on the police's handling of the cases against him, added Netanyahu, who said the comments "cast a shadow" over the investigations.

MK Tamar Zandberg, who is running for the leadership of her dovish Meretz party, echoed Gabbay's statement, saying that the public "cannot rely on a prime minister to manage state affairs for the national good while he is neck-deep in investigations and desperate attempts to get out of them".

Mr Mandelblit is expected to take a number of weeks to decide how to proceed once he has received the police's recommendations. But Netanyahu would face a devoted opposition which will likely demand his resignation or call for a nationwide referendum to determine whether or not the Prime Minister is fit to serve the remainder of his term.

The Prime Minister is also suspected of seeking to strike a deal with a major Israeli newspaper in exchange for favorable political coverage. He repeated that in a video posted to Facebook on Wednesday.

Addressing the investigation into him, Netanyahu said, "Qualified legal experts will arrive at one conclusion of the simple truth". Investigators believe they've gathered enough evidence to prove Netanyahu is guilty of receiving bribes.

Israel has not shied away from pursuing criminal cases against top politicians. "But I am positive that at the end of the day the authorities will agree with me - that there is no case".

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