European Union wants to restrict single market access to UK

Theresa May

However, Theresa May's Brexit "war Cabinet" is not expected to decide on a preferred endstate until the end of a month, a senior official has told Politico.

THE OFFICIAL name for it is the rather-long "European Union Exit and Trade (Strategy and Negotiations) sub-Committee".

London will take the least damage, according to the controversial forecasts which ministers were forced to release after they were leaked to the media and amid pressure from Labour and pro-EU Tories.

The government was forced to release the documents, prepared by the Department for Existing the European Union, to MPs after they were leaked to the media last week. Defence, education, and health could see 6-16% rises, while financial services could go up between 5 and 10%.

But the problem for Mrs May is that there is a lack of unity on what Britain's positions should be, with Mr Hammond, Mr Lidington, Ms Rudd and Mr Clark all favouring a much softer Brexit.

The party's spokesman on Europe, Peter Grant MP, said: "The leaked United Kingdom government's internal Brexit analysis makes for utterly grim reading, and Theresa May must now end the shameful secrecy surrounding the United Kingdom government's Brexit plans and publish the papers in full - which we now know will have catastrophic consequences for Scotland and the UK's economy".

London would fare the best, with reductions of 1%, 2% and 3.5% in each of the three scenarios.

"The Conservatives are putting the public in the firing line because they are hell bent on Brexit".

'The Government need to start being clear what they are fighting for.

The SNP government's January report found that a no-deal Brexit would cost the Scottish economy nearly £13bn a year by 2030. In the referendum, people did not vote to lose their jobs and become worse off.

It has agreed to build two new models at the site after what a source said was a government promise of extra support in the event that Brexit hits the competitiveness of the plant.

Throughout the transition period ahead of finalizing preparations, the right to suspend "certain benefits" is to be put into effect.

But as talks on the transitional period get under way, it's looking increasingly at risk. Stephen Huyton, one of the five plaintiffs and a spokesman for the group said: "We are grateful to the court and obviously delighted with the decision".

"Of course we are going to do rather well outside the European Union and we are going to show the European Union up as a rather less successful organization than it is". We should not leave the European Union until we know where we are going.

"We want a comprehensive free trade agreement, I think that's been very, very clear".

'As ministers clearly set out in the House, this is provisional internal analysis, part of a broad ongoing programme of analysis, and further work is in progress.

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