Trump talking point on black unemployment rate vaporizes

Trump's State Of The Union Bet: Woo Black Americans

It's a similar situation with the Hispanic unemployment rate, which was also at a record low of 4.9 percent in December of 2017, according to BLS statistics.

Coal workers also supported Trump because he made them believe that he was going to save their jobs. "You would have thought that on that one, they would have sort of at least clapped a little bit", Trump added.

Critics of the president have pointed to the fact that the sharp decline in African-American unemployment began under former President Barack Obama, suggesting Trump may be taking credit for the past administration's work.

For many people of color, Trump's address before Congress on Tuesday night hardly reflected a shift in his ideology or his bruising style of governance. He spoke for the poorest and most vulnerable among us, who are the chief victims of the Democrats' determination to welcome millions upon millions of illegal aliens, who are mainly low wage laborers and who include predatory criminals, to pour into our country; to defy federal law with their "sanctuary" states and cities, and to effectively declare our border and immigration policies null and void.

CNN had aired a special interview with Jay-Z the evening before in which he said Trump's slur toward African countries showed the president was "looking down on a whole population of people".

"You replace "immigrant" with 'Black person, ' and you're talking 1950s rhetoric", Perry said. It's toward the far end of the distribution curve of monthly changes in the black unemployment rate; the biggest one-month change in that rate was in November 2005.

The president clearly intended his speech to be an olive branch to Democrats, pleading for a "new American moment" and vowing to "extend an open hand" to political opponents.

Just under two-thirds of the 48-member CBC has backed impeachment, including Rep. James Clyburn (S.C.), the third-ranking House Democrat, who protested with other anti-Trump lawmakers at the State of the Union event on Tuesday by wearing African shawls, the Hill reported.

But these are minority voices, by and large. He even tweeted about it in response to criticism from Jay-Z over the weekend.

In other words, it could be a true test of whether broader economic success can overcome a very deep cultural aversion. He responded, "To tell you the truth, probably nothing-probably nothing, just like Donald Trump has done nothing". "I think the country would be better for it".

This does not mean, however, that there is necessarily a sudden crisis in the black community.

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