Yemen Separatists Seize Southern Military Base

The clashes came after separatist forces seized government buildings in what Yemen's prime minister called an attempted coup. Aden Yemen

The separatists - who had been backing the government in its war against the rebel Houthi movement - have also seized the city's military bases.

A fighter of the southern Yemeni separatists mans a machine gun mounted on a military vehicle securing an anti-government protest in Aden, Yemen January 28, 2018.

The Saudi-led military coalition which supports the government called Tuesday for an immediate ceasefire and an end to "all forms of armed conflict", in a statement cited by Saudi state news agency SPA.

Why are the separatists and government fighting?

With current battle lines roughly in line with the pre-1990 split between North and South Yemen, just letting the separatists take over may be the simplest path to ending the war.

Yemen's presidency on Monday condemned recent developments in southern Aden province, describing them as "tantamount to a coup". However, tensions between the two sides remained.

The STC is backed by the UAE, a main component of the Saudi-led coalition.

How did the clashes in Aden start?

The seizure of the camp is the biggest gain for southern separatists against government forces since fighting erupted in the city on Sunday.

Under the self-proclaimed Southern Transitional Council (STC), the separatists have gained traction since April in their push for self-rule, demanding the reinstatement of South Yemen as an independent entity.

The fighting, which has involved tanks and heavy artillery, began in the eastern Khor Maksar district, where the airport located. Snipers were seen on rooftops and fighting spread to the nearby Crater district.

With reference to Yemen and what is happening in the interim capital of (Aden), the Saudi cabinet called for calm and restraint as well as adherence to the language of calm dialogue.

The forces from Abyan marched on Aden after clashes with loyalists on the way. However, a government source told Reuters that Mr Bin Daghar had no intention of leaving.

Yemen's president has urged Saudi Arabia and its allies to intervene to defend the government.

The US State Department has expressed concern and called upon all parties to "refrain from escalation and further bloodshed". The United Nations says Yemen is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

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