'Super Blue Blood Moon' triple threat occurs pre-dawn Wednesday

A rare'super blue blood moon is set to appear in the skies over Australia

What is a super blue blood moon? It's full and blue as well, which is when two full moons happen in the same calendar month. The moon will appear 14 per cent brighter and seven per cent larger.

"Weather permitting, the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii will have a spectacular view of totality from start to finish", said Gordon Johnston, a lunar expert at NASA.

While Floridians will be able to catch a glimpse, Hochhalter recommended heading to the beach to get the best experience. But have you heard of a Super, Blue Blood Moon? This phenomenon is termed a super moon. In 2018, there are two Full Moons in both January and March.

A super moon is when it is full and it is closest to the earth in its monthly orbit.

Clouds forecast in the morning likely will block most people in Mid-Michigan from seeing the lunar trifecta.

A blue moon is the third full moon in a four full-moon astronomical season.

A super blue blood moon will be taking place - a spectacle that hasn't been seen in the U.S. since 1866.

The alignment of all three lunar events is what stands out.

According to the article on NASA's website, at 4:51 a.m. CST the penumbra - or lighter part of Earth's shadow - will touch the Moon.By about 6:15 a.m. CST the Earth's reddish shadow will be clearly noticeable on the Moon.

It might be 19 years before we get to see the next one because as of right now, Wednesday morning is expected to be a cloudy one.

Visible in the western United States early on January 31, the moon will turn an orangey-red hue as it passes through the Earth's deep shadow. From Northern California, the northwest corner of Nevada, all of OR and Washington, the Idaho panhandle, as well as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and most of Alberta, the moon will set after it completely exits the Earth's dark - umbral shadow (6:08 a.m. PST, 7:08 a.m. MST). Thus, there will be five lunar eclipses through the year, with the longest one in the past 100 years occurring on July 27. Like sunsets, when sunlight passes through Earth's atmosphere, blue light is scattered while red light is bent into Earth's shadow - meaning the lunar surface is lit by the diffuse glow of Earth's sunsets.

The partial eclipse will begin in the London area around 6:48 a.m.

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