[Editorial] Incoherent US message to North Korea chipping away at country's credibility

[Editorial] Incoherent US message to North Korea chipping away at country's credibility

North Korea's latest missile test, which U.S. experts say indicated an increasing technological sophistication, did not demonstrate an imminent threat of nuclear attack on the United States, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Saturday.

In a very rare appearance by a North Korean at the U.N. Security Council, Ambassador Ja Song Nam told a ministerial meeting that the country's possession of nuclear weapons was "an inevitable self-defensive measure" to defend the country against "the US nuclear threat and blackmail".

He stressed that the United Nations is a platform that represents all six participants of the talks on denuclearization that were cut off in 2009: Russia, China, North Korea, the US, South Korea and Japan.

"Well, we're going to see what happens with North Korea".

The U.S. and close allies South Korea and Japan called for increased pressure on the North to get Kim's government to negotiate the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

The White House immediately put out a statement that contradicted him: "The president's views on North Korea have not changed".

The sanctions are estimated to decrease North Korea's export revenue by $2.3 billion. He described the latest North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile test on November 29 as the "Great November Event" leading to "completing the state nuclear force" and "building a rocket power".

Tillerson referenced China's decision to cut off North Korea from oil in the past was a successful tactic.

North Korea hasn't been diplomatically compromising at all, ' the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. Kim Jong-un is seeing disunity, even within the United States administrative, and he is now armed with sophisticated weaponry, ready to strike out if threatened.

Feltman said after briefing the council Tuesday that North Korea's foreign minister and others told him "that it was important to prevent war" - and how we do that was the topic of more than 15 hours of discussions.

Singling out China, Pyongyang's sole ally, and Russia, Tillerson urged Beijing and Moscow to go beyond the current tough United Nations sanctions resolutions and impose unilateral measures.

"The hope for peace is not totally obliterated", said Chinese Deputy Ambassador Wu Haitao.

Asan added: 'But there's little room for North Korea to conduct bigger provocations.

Rising tensions between the USA and North Korea, which conducted its largest nuclear test in September and fired off a powerful ICBM in late November, have raised deep concern worldwide. "This is critical to lower the risk of miscalculation or misunderstanding and reduce tensions in the region", the United Nations administrative head said.

Tillerson was addressing the U.N. Security Council Friday.

Information for this article was contributed by Matthew Pennington, Edith M. Lederer, Mari Yamaguchi, Jerry Harmer and Ken Moritsugu of The Associated Press; and by Nick Wadhams, Kambiz Foroohar and Justin Sink of Bloomberg News.

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