U.S. ruling could affect internet access in Australia

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U.S. media regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to roll back so-called "net neutrality" rules that stop telcos from blocking websites or charging more for different services. It is the basic principle that all traffic on the World Wide Web must be treated equally, precluding internet providers from creating fast lanes for higher-paying customers; throttling, or slowing down, sites, services and applications; or blocking any lawful content. "Net neutrality allows for everyone to access everything on the internet, regardless of how much money you have, the access you already have or where you are", he said.

"I support Net Neutrality like the vast majority of this country and am appalled to be associated with its repeal in anyway". Setting a bad example for the rest of the world, the FCC voted to allow internet providers to be able to privilege one form of content over another on the internet. Take for example Comcast, since they own NBCUniversal.

"From the era of having no net neutrality to the era of having it, nothing changed", said one anonymous former content streaming company executive to Reuters.

But in January, President Donald Trump appointed Ajit Pai, a Republican and outspoken advocate for the repeal of net neutrality's regulations, as FCC chairman.

ISPs could block or slow down your favorite sites, like Netflix and favor their own content providers instead.

Broadband companies and other internet service providers say they have no plans to offer paid prioritization, but some have been laying the groundwork for it in recent months.

Although the vote passed to stop net neutrality, Congress can overturn the FCC vote by passing "A Resolution of Disapproval".

But supporters of net neutrality say consumers could be charged extra to stream certain content if they don't want to be hampered by network congestion. Contact your congressman to share your opinion on the issue and inform them on the situation.

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