Supermoon 2017: Here's how to watch it

The supermoon from November 2016

The weather in West Michigan looks to cooperate with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies from Saturday evening to Sunday morning. At that point the moon will be 222,135 miles away from Earth - almost 16,000 miles closer than it usually is during the year, reported. Nearby perigee full Moons appear about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than full Moons that occur near apogee in the Moon's orbit.

Sunday brings about our monthly appearance of a full moon, but this weekend it will be especially spectacular.

While scientists argue about the influence of the close passing of Earth's natural satellite for geophysical processes, the Moon is inexorably approaching and promises to be an interesting phenomenon for all the earthlings who are lucky enough to see this spectacle. The moon will be a little over 222,000 miles away from the earth at that time. Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017, will be residents the only chance this year to see the "supermoon".

The Slooh Supermoon Challenge livestream will kick off on Sunday December 3 at 9pm EST (Monday December 4 at 2am).

The best time to watch this supermoon is when it is rising, as a rising moon appears larger than when it is well above the horizon. This happens at the time of the month when both the sun and the moon line up with the earth between them. NASA calls it the supermoon trilogy, with the next two occurring on January 1 and January 31.

The January 31 supermoon will also be the second full Moon of the month.

If you're unable to see the supermoon, you won't have to wait long for another opportunity.

There is an option offered by the Italian-based Virtual Telescope Project, which consists of several robotic telescopes remotely accessible in real-time over the Internet.

If you miss the first viewing, another good time to sneak a peek is when the supermoon reaches its peak at 4 a.m. on December 4.

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