A Second Harley Quinn Spin-Off With Margot Robbie Is In-Development

Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn was one of the few things that were praised about Suicide Squad

"You've seen that she loves meeting people, any people, but she needs a little girl gang".

Indeed, it was Robbie's gleeful performance that resonated with fans - more so than any other member of Task Force X - so it's small wonder why Warner Bros. has made a decision to double down on her Harley Quinn for the foreseeable future.

Now it has emerged that there will be another film that focusses exclusively on Robbie's Harley Quinn, and potentially a load of other ass-kicking female characters from the DC Universe. Word is Gavin O'Connor's Suicide Squad 2 will be the next to enter production early next year, so stay tuned. Because of that, they are working on more than one project and seeing what comes of it. Robbie prefers to see Quinn in a film along with other female heroes/villains. "I'm not sure anyone knows what's going to be the next thing, but everyone is itching to get Harley back on-screen". So the news that the actor is developing her own "totally separate" outing for the baseball bat wielding, bubble gum blowing baddie is welcome indeed.

Robbie also says her Harley film will give the character some much-needed female friendships - a new squad, if you will.

Ultimately, what will be the test of a Harley Quinn spin-off - or any Warner Bros. There are four Harley Quinn movies on the schedule and at least two more Wonder Woman films.

So, we all thought Suicide Squad was going to be great, and it wasn't. If we sit here and forget to tell the story or forget to find the truth in a scene or scenario and just try to make everyone happy, your'e never going to please everyone.

Well, it might be that the solo Harley Quinn movie (which probably isn't a solo movie, and will probably still feature other notable DC characters) which had Christina Hodson attached as writer isn't dead after all.

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