Microsoft to launch a new game streaming service

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In the U.K., customers are echoing these sentiments. After this has finished downloading, you can copy these games to an external storage so you can transfer them to your Xbox One X and not have to worry about downloading them again.

However, the visuals are clearer and sharper, colours are more vibrant and loading times are faster on the new machine. And it now captures in 4K HDR on the Xbox One X.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways of finding out if one of your favourite games has been enhanced for Xbox One X. This can be done in Settings, System, and then 'Backup & Transfer'.

Many believed that Sony were ready to counteract the Xbox One X with a cheaper console, however, a price cut was not announced.

Microsoft was king of the video game hill with the Xbox 360, but things haven't gone nearly as well for the Xbox One. Without getting too deep in the technical weeds, Xbox One X is a system built for 4K gaming. These options were present on PS4, too, but every one of them looks and runs better on this new Xbox hardware. There are several retailers as of writing that have that model in stock online, so you could feasibly get a refund at a brick-and-mortar and use the money to get a new one online. And the ancillary benefits of Microsoft's ecosystem, such as Xbox Play Anywhere and backward compatibility going back to the original Xbox, can't be discounted.

Xbox Live Gold costs £5.99 a month, £14.99 for three months, or £39.99 for a whole year if you pay up-front. Dozens more wage similar complaints, with a few alleging that Amazon waited until midday to explain that their shipment was delayed.

Of course, Microsoft has answers. Who exactly is it for?

It is a significantly beefed up and more powerful Xbox One, so yes, all of your accessories work. The right ultra HD display with decent HDR support really does offer a huge improvement in many cases over standard 1080p.

Unfortunately, it seems a lot of the issues are affecting the Limited Edition Project Scorpio Xbox One X consoles. When asked about how Ubisoft will support PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X during the Q&A session of its earnings brief, Mr. Guillemot said: "We think we have about 2 years before something else is coming." .

If the deal interests you at all (by way of comparison, it's £100 more than a PS4 Pro with FIFA 18), it's probably worth keeping an eye on Game and the PlayStation site.

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