New iPad 2018 model tipped with iPhone X facial recognition tech

Settings on Apples new iPhones

Though it supposedly won't feature an OLED panel, this model will have slimmer edges, something made possible in part by removing the home button.

With the recent news making the 2018 iPad Pro updates seem more and more likely, Benjamin Geskin has shared how stunning an nearly bezel-less iPad Pro could be. An improved Apple Pencil is also under development and expected to launch alongside the updated tablet.

The first tablet to mirror the most recognisable change of the iPhone X could arrive later next year, the sources say.

Making OLED displays at scale for the new iPad would be too much of a technical and financial hurdle, according to the report, hence it not making the jump from iPhone X to iPad.

On the heels of a new report today about what we're likely to see from Apple's 2018 iPad Pro release, Benjamin Geskin has shared a set of new renders imagining what a mostly bezel-less iPad Pro with Face ID might look like.

Though Kuo didn't mention Face ID specifically, Apple's True Depth cameras are what enable Face ID, Animoji, and other features that take advantage of the iPhone X's depth-sensing selfie camera. It is suggested this tablet will be akin to the iPad Pro, or something similarly upper-tier like that model, though the details are fuzzy at this time.

Notably, the general consensus surrounding Face ID is that the feature works exactly as advertised. (I think I'd value that more than Face ID, personally.) Bloomberg estimates that the launch is about a year out, so we might not see it until fall 2018, and the report warns that Face ID integration could be nixed due to supply issues between now and then.

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