Blizzard announce World of Warcraft Classic at BlizzCon 2017

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The developer/publisher shared more details at BlizzCon about its next WoW expansion, Battle for Azeroth.

If you've tried leveling through World of Warcraft recently, you know how imperfect it is. As expected, we have a new expansion inbound, Battle for Azeroth, which gets back to the franchise's core conflict of the Alliance versus the Horde. Sadly, this server will be a huge undertaking and probably won't be ready for a while, but the process can be sped up if anyone who owns one of the original server blades sends it back to Blizzard.

It is pretty wonderful to think that World of Warcraft, arguably the most popular MMORPG of all time, is still going strong 13 years after its debut.

There's always a question of "what's next" in World of Warcraft.

The great news is this new feature will also work with WoW's previous expansions. Alliance players can expect to forge alliances by fending off pirates and hunting giant sea monsters in Kul Tiras, whereas Horde players will gain new allies by fighting traitors and making deals with powerful gods and spirits in Zandalar. On these new continents, players will recruit new "allied races" to bolster the ranks of their faction. The more powerful theHeart of Azeroth, the more powerful abilities can be given to the armor.

In addition, Blizzard announced Seething Shore as the first new battleground being added to World of Warcraft since Mists of Pandaria was released in 2012. Island Expeditions will be dynamic, variable missions which set players out in groups of three to explore uncharted areas and race against the enemy faction to secure resources.

This weekend, Blizzard and its loyal base of fans have gathered in Anaheim, CA for BlizzCon, the annual convention and biggest event of the year for the gaming giant. Finally, the level cap has been raised to 120, and purchasers of the expansion can boost right to level 110 and dive into the new content.

Following on from the tensions that have grown through Legion, it's bringing numerous story beats that have built up over the last decade together, into the titular battles to take control of Azeroth.

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