Climbing Uluru Will Be Banned From October 2019

A decision on a climbing ban was made today at Uluru and has been a long time coming for some

There are already signs at the foot of the rock asking people not to climb on it to respect the traditional law of the Anangu Aboriginal people, but these are often ignored.

Climbing on Australia's iconic Uluru landmark will be banned from October 2019, authorities said on Wednesday.

"It's about protection through combining two systems, the government and Anangu", said board chairman Sammy Wilson.

And the date of October 26 was chosen because it's an anniversary; on October 26 in 1985, custodianship of the park was transferred back to its Aboriginal owners, the Anangu.

"Over the years (traditional owners) Anangu have felt a sense of intimidation as if someone is holding a gun to our heads to keep it open". However, the park's board has been unable to vote on a formal ban until now due to an agreement that required the number of visitors making the climb to drop below 20 percent before a ban was considered.

"This decision is for both Anangu and non-Anangu together to feel proud about; to realize, of course, it's the right thing to close the "playground". Closing the climb is not something to feel upset about but a cause for celebration. We welcome tourists here. "Let's come together; let's close it together".

The entirety of Uluru is a sacred area and the site where the climb begins is also a sacred men's area. 'We are not stopping tourism, just this activity, ' he said.

In addition to being incredibly disrespectful, climbing Uluru is often risky, and has led to a number of deaths over the years.

Australia's world-famous Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, will be closed to climbers from 2019.

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