Kinect Finally Killed Off By Microsoft

Enlarge Image Microsoft is kicking Kinect to the kerb.                  CNET

What made matters worse is that despite Phil Spencer, the current head honcho of Xbox, saying that they wouldn't remove Kinect from the bundle pack, they eventually did.

Since then, the Kinect has been slowly dying as many people weren't too chuffed that they had to pay more for the console likely forcing them towards the PlayStation 4 - which is now the best selling current-gen console.

Despite the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the upcoming launch of the Xbox One X, there can be no mistaking that this console cycle will soon be entering its fifth year. This included being able to control the whole Xbox One experience with either voice or gesture commands.

Microsoft which released its fastest selling consumer electronics device Kinect in 2010 has now chose to finally end its production.

Oddly enough, the decision comes amid rumours that Apple struggling with production of the iPhone X's Face ID sensor, which uses the same technology as the Microsoft peripheral.

So, if you still have one, dig your Kinect out of your closet and thank it for its service with one last spin of Just Dance. In a year Microsoft introduced a touch-screen controller for Xbox 360 in Oct 2010 started to distribute shopping.

In 2013 the company bundled a newer version with each Xbox One sold, forcing them to sell the system at an inflated price over the competing PS4.

First we've got a look at the box itself, with an enticing design that doesn't really hint too much at the system's power.

The launch of a Windows SDK for the camera gave the project a small boost in research circles, where its depth-sensing capabilities were used to create everything from a sword-fighting robot to a cheap 3D scanner.

Gamers who still love their Kinect should be happy to know that the technology behind the device has enabled even greater capabilities for Microsoft and other developers.

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