Everything you need to know about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

An Animal Crossing mobile game reveal is coming on Wednesday

As promised, Nintendo's Animal Crossing-focused Direct presentation eschewed talk of any other console or game to focus completely on a new Animal Crossing game for mobile.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is only available in Australia now, but if you're clever you can get around that. Your goal is to make friends with the cute and chill animals, improve your cute and chill house, and do cute and chill activities like play hide-and-seek or find fossils to donate to the village museum. As camp manager you can order furniture to be constructed that will draw certain animals to your camp (each animal has a favorite piece of furniture).

Although it is free to play, it will include an option to pay a small amount of money for in-app purchases. Perhaps you're building a new couch, or a chair for K.K. Slider to sit in when he wants to visit - it may take a few days in real time, or you could do it instantly by using Leaf Tickets.

Furniture is created by spending crafting materials and Bells acquired by filling requests for animal friends (such as giving them certain items) throughout different locations in the game. You also won't be able to link the game to your Nintendo account, unless your Nintendo account is also Australian. A consistent internet connection is also required.

Nintendo games have always been built around simple, yet engaging mechanics that would translate perfectly to the mobile marketplace. Next up is a version of Animal Crossing for smartphones. Then, once the item is finished, you can place it around your campsite or decorate your camper's interior. You run around a map doing jobs for animals, you talk to them, they will say amusing stuff in that iconic chirpy voice, and at the end of the day you'll have scraped together enough compensation to maybe build yourself a bedside table. The style of the game means that what happens is up to you, there are no levels or bosses here.

From what was revealed in the Direct broadcast, we understand there's a crafting system whereby you gather resources, such as cotton and wood, to build furniture that's presented in a pre-set catalog. If you use an Android device, you may have to wait until November to play the game.

Packed with cute animal campers and Animal Crossing style, the latest mobile title from Nintendo follows in the footsteps of games before it like Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run. You can sign up to register for notifications when the game goes live in late November. While you can just chat to the local animals, you can also invite your real-life friends to you camp by swapping your player IDs.

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