Watch Kellyanne Conway's Kellywise Eat Up Attention on 'SNL'

SNL depicts Conway as 'IT' luring Anderson Cooper into the sewer

Moffat's Cooper took on the role of Georgie, the kid in the yellow raincoat who gets called over to a sewer grate by Pennywise the clown in the movie.

Is there anything as scary as Pennywise, the sewer-dwelling killer clown from Stephen King's "It"?

'I toned it down, ' replies Kellywise, flashing a grin and then demanding to be put on television. Played once again by Kate McKinnon, she made a convincing and terrifying demon to Alex Moffat's version of a rather nervous Cooper.

After McKinnon won an Emmy for her work on SNL, Conway commented: 'I am so happy Kate McKinnon was able to get her Emmy.

Kellywise desires to be back on TV as regularly as she was during the election and tries to coerce Cooper with some silly quotes. "I'll give you a insane, crazy quote". Then she does this creepy ghost-like flicker before offering up this example: "OK, so, Puerto Rico actually was worse before Hurricane Maria". She said Trump and Tillerson had been sharing a sundae and Trump had asked Tillerson if he wanted more sprinkles, to which the Secretary of State responded: "more on". Even Rachel Maddow has fallen prey to her darkness, Thompson says-which is when Cecily Strong-as-Maddow makes her appearance in the sewer next to Kellywise. "I'll give you a insane, crazy quote".

'What'd you do to your makeup, ' Cooper asks the clown-faced counselor.

Kellywise first presents Cooper's two fears - headlines in the New York Times reading "Trump Re-Elected" and "Anderson Cooper Fat Now" - in an attempt to have him bring her back to his show. I know she thanked Hillary Clinton, but it had to be much more fun to play me'.

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