Protesters rally ahead of Charlie Gard High Court ruling

Charlie Gard in Great Ormond Street Hospital

He's now being treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital, alive only because a machine is helping him breathe.

In a statement released this afternoon, Chris Gard and Connie Yates said they were "just ordinary parents with a very sick baby".

A judge at the High Court has been hearing evidence about the potential of an experimental treatment that is claimed could help the child.

Ms MacLeod said: 'In recent weeks the hospital community has been subjected to a shocking and disgraceful tide of hostility and disturbance.

The court has previously ruled in favour of the hospital and said 11-month-old Charlie should be allowed to die with dignity. These meetings were arranged after Hirano testified in a previous hearing that Charlie's MRI scan did not necessarily indicate structural damage to the brain.

The hospital said police were called after families and staff were harassed.

Charlie Gard's case is a heart-breaking one.

He has offered to provide treatment which may improve the boy's condition.

"Despite conflicting issues, we have always had the utmost respect for all the staff who work tirelessly at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the very hard jobs they do every day". Many of these messages are menacing, including death threats.

'Like them, we have been shocked by some of the public response to this case, and agree with them that it is disgraceful that doctors have received death threats'.

However doctors in the United Kingdom decide that the treatment would not improve Charlie's quality of life, with the two sides leading to resort to the legal process to decide what would happen.

The hospital also said that other parents and family members visiting sick children in the hospital have also been affected by the intimidation.

For Charlie Gard's parents, the lawyer's words were both a necessary court report and an emotion-laden update on the status of their critically ill son.

"We recognise the tireless advocacy of Charlie's loving parents and the natural sympathy people feel with his situation. However, whatever the strong emotions raised by this case, there can be no excuse for patients and families to have their privacy and peace disturbed as they deal with their own often very stressful situations or for dedicated doctors and nurses to suffer this kind of abuse".

Next week, Charlie's parents will present evidence at London's High Court, provided it is new and relevant to the case, according to the AP.

Friday's hearing was the first time his parents were told about the latest results in the crucial test of Charlie's brain function.

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