Hear Tyler, the Creator's Jolting New Song 'I Ain't Got Time!'

Tyler, the Creator Drops

Listen to 'I Ain't Got Time!' below, via The Fader.

The song, a barrage of synthesizer hooks, samples and whirring electronics, dates back to an impromptu session at Kanye West's studio during the recording of the latter's 2016 album, The Life of Pablo. While 'Ye was taking a siesta, Tyler started creating. Tyler doesn't address the couplet in question, but astute listeners did add an old Tyler tweet where he insists that, "I TRIED TO COME OUT THE DAMN CLOSET LIKE FOUR DAYS AGO AND NO ONE CARED". (We're not mad about it.) Another fun fact?

The track was debuted by Zane Lowe, to whom Tyler explained that the production was originally for Nicki Minaj.

Tyler, the Creator shared a brand new single from his forthcoming album Flower Boy, or as he likes to refer to it, Scum Fuck Flower Boy. The official title is just Flower Boy, despite Tyler using the acronym "SFFB" on tons of posts promoting the new release and the YouTube descriptions of the new songs. She couldn't think of nothing ...

How the f*** do you hear this beat and can't f***ing think of s***?

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