Elon Musk Tweets Photos Of New Tesla Model 3, Production Underway

A wheel of a prototype of the Tesla Model 3 on display in front of the factory in Sparks

The company is credited, along with staple choices such as the Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf, with helping electric cars to become more mainstream choices for buyers, but despite that its high prices mean that Tesla's products remain out of reach for many.

Interestingly, Tesla hasn't made any updates regarding Model 3 on its blog since April 6. Model 3 rolled off the production line last Friday and into the hands of CEO Elon Musk.

As its name suggests, it's the third auto of Tesla's current line-up, and its fourth ever product since the company opened for business in 2008 - the first Tesla was an all-electric roadster.

The first certified production Model 3 that meets all regulatory requirements will be completed this week, with a handover of ~30customer cars at our Fremont factory on July 28.

What equipment does it come with?

"At $35,000 before incentives, it's also the vehicle that Musk believes will be the breakthrough to bringing electric vehicles to the average American home".

If they achieved it with those changes, it would help make the vehicle more efficient, especially on for highway driving, which would, in turn, result in a longer range and lower cost of operation. Tesla claims it has solved the P100D production problems, but it has not distributed any data to back up the claim. Ford, as one example, has five "production" runs of cars before a vehicle is ever released for public sale: These include Tooling Trial (TT), two levels of Pilot Production (PP), Mass Production Build 1 (MP1) and Mass Production Build 2 (MP2).

What engines can I choose from?

With no traditional dashboard "clutter", the model will feature a touch screen central panel that deals with everything from satnav to the speedometer, a super-fast charging system, and a design that adheres to a 5 star safety rating.

Other analysts have also issued research reports about the stock.

That said, there are legitimate questions as to the level of testing and pre-production work done on the Model 3.

How much will it cost?

The company shut down production at its California assembly plant for a week in February to prepare for the production of Model 3 and hit its July production target, reported Reuters.

Australia is expected to invest $52.46 billion in rooftop solar and battery storage by 2040, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The company's founder and CEO, has released images of the first production-spec version of the Model 3, which looks quite similar to the prototypes that were shown in March a year ago.

The first Model 3 reveal comes just days after mainstream automaker Volvo announced it was going all in on the electric vehicle, shifting to full electric and hybrid production by 2019. U.S. sales under Musk's 2018 targets would significantly outpace the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class, the best-selling small luxury cars in the country. But not everyone needs an electric vehicle that has a range like the Bolt, if they're only going to use it for a 10-mile commute to work every day.

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