The Bachelor Season 21 episode 6 spoilers: Jasmine makes a shocking confession

The scene was so heavy-handed that Corinne asked the tarot reader "How do you make a voodoo doll specific to a person?" as if the premise of her making a voodoo doll of Taylor to punish was amusing or mildly believable as anything other than a troll.

"I don't have a nanny, I have a master's degree", Taylor said, amping herself up for battle. More on that later. Astrid and Sarah's fates were sealed when they failed to get a flower from Nick. Nick and Kristina will visit the Annaberg Ruins and she is said to receive a rose. Danielle L. always looks content, and she always seems to be in a positive frame of mind.

"Nick is probably one of the most honest people that I have met, and to be able to be on this journey with him and experience that with him has been absolutely fantastic", she confessed. But Monday night was Rachel's first time to shine since the premiere, and it's worth the wait. Rachel scored the night's only one-on-one date, reviving her undeniable chemistry with Nick during a day of beignets, dancing in the street and dinner among the Mardi Gras floats. As Corinne swills champagne in a confessional and calls Taylor a bully, it's quickly clear that both of them have embraced the "drama" that Corinne accuses Taylor of seeking. Furthermore, the site reports that Nick will give Danielle Maltby the rose for the group date at the haunted plantation mansion. "I'm going to rebuke that thing in the name of Jesus", Raven says.

She tells Taylor that she's rude and nobody likes her. Jasmine tries on May's hat, and the other women slowly start to unravel. Neither of them took it well because they believed they deserved better.

WTF 2 - Totally was not expecting Danielle get a rose on the group date.

One guy gets to date multiple women and eliminates them until they hopefully fall lin love.

"I am going to take the high road", Taylor says, but as Corinne said, Nick is gonna choose who he chooses, and she never stood a chance.

Some might find the manufactured drama on The Bachelor the most purely entertaining part of the show; I find it interesting only because it's fun to figure how exactly it was manufactured. Let's just say, he 'chose who he chose'.

Nick Viall's final 12 contestants have been revealed on The Bachelor. Even the tarot card reader seems on Taylor's side, giving her hints about ejecting negative energy, while Corinne can only ask, "How do you make a voodoo doll specific to a person?" Also, just for the record, Corinne definitely knew the definition of emotional intelligence; she just wanted to see how Taylor defined it. But is this really the end?

Before the decision was made, Corinne reassured viewers at home she was the one for Nick with the cringe-worthy President Trump reference, "Make America Corinne again".

Did Nick make the right choice?

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