How did Hillary Clinton win popular vote, but lose election?

In 2016, Clinton wins the popular vote and Trump wins the election.

ABC15 asked Gutier what he thinks about Clinton winning the popular vote.

Mrs. Clinton might take some consolation in having out-polled Mr. Trump, but she knows how the system works and she knows better than to cry foul.

To some extent, the Electoral College impels presidents and their political parties to consider all Americans in rhetoric and action. The result? The president during 32 of the Constitution's first 36 years was a white slaveholder from Virginia.

In 1787 at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, slaves accounted for 40 percent of Virginia's population, making it the most populous of the 13 original colonies. If no candidate hits that magic number, the House of Representatives chooses the next president from among the top three Electoral College vote-getters. Some also believe that it is good that only a few states determine the outcome of an election because the voters in the swing states are exposed to the most information and are in a position to make the most informed decision. The state's electors will award Colorado's nine electoral votes to the Electoral College on December 19. The convention had agreed to count each slave as three-fifths of a person for the goal of calculating each state's allotment of seats in Congress.

Need it be repeated again, the Electoral College, and other mechanisms that balance democracy, create moderation and compromise - they stop one party from accumulating too much power. "And for a couple of days I answered them by thanking them and then explaining to them that I felt I had an obligation to the majority of the voters in Arizona who voted for him. and honoring their vote".

It is about time we get rid of the Electoral College and level the playing field.

Tuesday's election is the fifth time in US presidential history that the victor has lost the popular vote. A petition on calling for members of the Electoral College to vote for Clinton rather than Trump got more than 2 million signatures in under 36 hours, but if people really want change, they should lobby their state legislators to support the Electoral College compact. Ms Clinton won California on 8 November by more than 3 million votes, but claimed the same amount of electoral votes as of she'd won it by only 3,000.

If all 232 Democratic electors reached across the aisle and pledged to vote for a Republican alternative to Trump, it would be a dramatic and disarming gesture of bipartisanship that could help sway Republican electors. One petition pressuring the electors has almost 4.5 million signers. Since all states' electors meet at the same date and time within their own states and never all together, corruption within one was less likely to spread. Whatever concerns Republican electors may have about Trump, the pressure to vote for him will be vast.

Georgia introduced a county unit system in 1917, presumably based on the Electoral College.

Trump has 155 unbound electoral votes, so there are technically enough electors who could decide to vote for Clinton who wouldn't get punished legally for it.

Trump's flip-flops underscore how frustrating it is to keep the system the way it is-or change it.

In the Electoral College, each state is represented by appointed electors equal in number to the state's members in Congress.

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