Survivor: Taylor has a son on the way, but not with Figgy

Survivor spoilers- 2016 Week 7 challenges

It was an expected outcome, and a distinct shift away from the surprises of recent weeks.

Taylor Stocker threw a verbal grenade at Tribal Council on Wednesday's episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. After what was said [at Tribal Council], I knew that it was going to be me. What would you say to somebody who characterizes you as the villain?

Looking at it from my perspective, I would obviously say no, I'm not a bad person.

"Yeah, like Jerry Springer status". I like to be sneaky like that. I think she was [aware of that] after we broke up.

"In that moment, people are really exhausted and really hungry". So I would definitely take that title if it was pinned on me. Yeah, I don't see him and Figgy working after this one! I think if I went in and was a puzzle wizard and came out that strong from the get-go, that would be a lot more threatening. I would totally hate myself.

Let's talk showmance: do you get why people were NOT into that? Would you characterize that as reckless play?

Reckless. I would say yes.

In my mind, I'm trying to build a resume. If you get to the final three you need that, because if you don't have that then you have nothing to show for. So in my mind, I'm going, "I'm gonna do this 110 percent, and I'm going to take as many risks as possible". It always brings me back to this film, Idiocracy, where the president is this giant buff guy that is a wrestler and he is put on a pedestal and he's supposed to solve the world in three days and solve all the problems, and I just don't believe that one man is going to fix all this. But within that, I also revealed Adam's cards and drug him in the mud with me. That it wasn't just chance that they got there. Hopefully not, but you know, the way things panned out for her, if I look at it from her angle, it does suck. I'm sure Fig has different opinions about that.

I don't want to spend too much time on you and Figgy, just because so much of it's already out there.

I'm used to being around really laid-back people and so I tapped into that when I got out there. I'm laying low, but I'm riding right behind the big guy! Even from the beginning of the show, I could just tell that he was gonna be a cool guy. So just before a challenge or waking up in the morning, you're just that more energized than everyone else.

Where [Survivor] is a mix between physical and survival skills, and really just being able to push yourself through the elements. So, I wasn't thinking that it was going to be a 4-5. I had to do what was best for my family, and unforutnaltey, she was a casualty at that.

What do you think of the results on Survivor Season 33 last night? It's amusing that I stole a ton of food, but they only noticed that a little percentage of it was gone. The stuff I stole was non-perishable. 'You're being loud. You're drawing attention to yourself.' And in that game it's not very smart to do that. So, yeah, I would say that would be more the action.

"I thought about it".

But yeah, from the get-go I obviously had a target on my back [because of Figgy].

Do you have any regrets about the way you played the game?Taylor: I think just better communication with Jay and Michelle on just some ideas of actually what they know. It wasn't on me. And I was like, oh, man, that's not good.

What does your family think of how you played the game? So, I guess things always come out. As far as, like, actually stealing food and eating it?

Having the extra energy from eating it was great but, yeah, I think it probably got me eliminated. I don't think they cared. No, [not] with the risk there. We really just wanted to watch him scramble. "I contemplated at Ponderosa that it possibly could have furthered my game, and you never know because you can't go back in time now". Actually try to use it as an advantage.

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