Trump's election leaves American Muslims reeling and scared

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Kadra Mohamed is a St. Paul police officer who wears the hijab

Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. Even though it wasn't necessarily expected that Trump would actually win, his unabashedly offensive comments - calling Mexicans rapists, making fun of a disabled reporter, calling for a ban on Muslims entering the country, and making derogatory remarks about women - made it seem acceptable for others to do the same. I want to feel safe. In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris one year ago, there was a rise in open racism, hate crimes, and xenophobia directed towards Muslims. The girl's mother, Corina Gonzalez, said that even though the school has begun an investigation, "you can never take back what's been done to her". Whether or not Donald Trump stands behind what he's promised during his campaign, the fact is that his victory comes from an angry mass voting for him. "While I may be willing to die for what I believe in, this shouldn't be my first thought as I walk down the aisles of the supermarket". If Trump is indeed honest about uniting the country, it seems like addressing the issue of hate crimes and Trumpism would be a good place to start. "You become nearly like strangers to the people you've worked with". I fear for the people whose skin color is considered inferior, whose lives are taken every day by unnecessary brutality and destroyed by a justice system predisposed to racism.

Salbi heard from several Minnesota Muslim women about the misperception of the hijab and why they choose to wear the headscarf in spite of it. "I knew that the rhetoric of this election cycle had affected my children, but here it was spelled out so clearly". "And I'm talking about the second and third generation - for some reason, there's no real assimilation".

At the University of MI, police were investigating a report that an "unkempt and intoxicated" man approached a female student and "threatened to set her on fire with a lighter unless she removed her hijab", according to CNN. He also said of the many protesting against him since his election that they should not be "afraid" of his presidency.

Are you anxious about traveling to the USA now? No.

Mohamed is the first Somali woman to become a police officer in St. Paul, Minnesota and she wears a hijab. Anesa: It still feels like it hasn't happened. Maple Grove student Moses Karngbaye told a CNN affiliate that seeing the graffiti was "the first time I honestly felt like crying at school".

Last summer, our current president-elect claimed that Muslims don't assimilate. People of various faiths stood together in solidarity, showing their full support for our Muslim community by sending emails, letters, and flowers, and strongly condemning anti-Muslim rhetoric.

People think it's okay now to be racist and transphobic and xenophobic. People will be able to say outrageous things and get away with it. All of these instances are among more than 200 bias incidents - mostly against blacks, immigrants and Muslims - reported over the past week by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Not once have I felt the need to cover who I am or hide my religion. My background and morals have nothing to do with anybody else.

"For me, the hijab is a choice".

Are you anxious about traveling to the USA now? The Dems have really surprised me by being so fearful.

VICE: How are you feeling, Mehdi? This president does not represent [LGBTQ+ people]. Unfortunately, Trump's fear-inciting campaign strategy was successful. It's more underground here.

Well, here we are post-election and the results have left many people stunned beyond belief. I also think that it will affect the level of bigotry and hatred around the world.

Does it affect how strongly you identify as a Muslim? That feels sad. That's really sad.

In Minnesota, just 1 percent of residents are Muslim. "I worry more about the safety of my sisters who wear a veil. For many of my Muslim sisters, the daily threat of being taunted, attacked, or deported can not be taken lightly".

"It is time to move forward from here, no matter what the outcome was, we can't change it. I've had a lot of trouble entering the U.S. since the first time I went there. I feel sorry for them. I often feel anxious before and humiliated afterward but I always get in".

Sure, I could remove my hijab in an act of self-preservation, but if I'm only anxious about myself, who will worry about my neighbor? His win validated the notion that many Americans distrusted people such as me and that I wasn't welcome because of my faith, appearance, and values.

She was in NY on election night hoping to celebrate a historic win for Hillary Clinton, whom Seddiq's PAC had endorsed. "I love my country and I'm so happy he won". Trump being the president means that people will finally wake up and go against the white racist system the USA is built upon.

Hopefully, this election will serve as a painful reminder of how powerful racism can advance if we allow it.

What do you think a Trump presidency will mean for Muslims?

Finally, with Trump's foreign policy, we must strive to create peace in the Muslim world. "The disconnect between that understanding and between how Muslims see these issues is huge". The Iowa City Press Citizen reported on Tuesday that a Sudanese-American family in Iowa City, who are Muslims, discovered a racist note telling them to "go home" in front of their front door on the night of November 11.

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